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Lore-friendly replacements for the paintings in Legacy of the Dragonborn's museum and safehouse. Enjoy as-is or use this mod structure to customize your paintings with your own screenshots or artwork.

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This mod replaces the images used for all 91 placeable paintings in Legacy of the Dragonborn with images from Skyrim at the same resolution as those included in Legacy (in other words, they're tiny - less than 1K, but it's enough for what they are I think).


Many of the original paintings are great, but I had no personal connection to them and their placement. The images in this mod come from high quality screenshots of my own playthroughs.. You might like them, or like me, you might feel disconnected from them and not grok why I wanted them where I put them. Despair not! All you'll need to do is browse this mod's file structure, find the images you want to replace, and swap them out with your own. The only small learning curve you might encounter is how to work with the dds image file format that Bethesda uses. For that, I recommend Talwick's guide on Steam. N.B. (Note well!): The large painting in the stairway to the Daedric exhibit is also used in the safehouse bedroom. Be careful what you put on that stairway wall, you'll be sleeping with it watching over you...


These are just texture replacements and should be safe to install or uninstall at any time.

Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE