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A complete retexture in high quality of the trees of Skyrim to add variety in game.
All trees are real pictures taken from Nordic Finnish Forest

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VICE - MOTHERBOARD (interview)


Check the revamped version here Every Tree Different Revamped

Check out the ET3D - Every 3d Tree Different for Skyrim 3d Trees

This mod will change the aspect and look of over 20 trunks in Skyrim adding variety to the trees of Skyrim
Normally all trees around us in game looks all the same and this make the immersion (at least to me ) a little poor
Eccept for SFO that add some diversification other mods are mostly flat, especially if you use mods that add forest and trees
you will notice that trees have the same look.
As photography is one of my passion, I took pictures of some trunks in  finnish forests
and add them to the game.
The nordic looks of the trees suits perfectly the game as a nordic country 
All trees are ultraquality resolution (4k), most of them unique
this will help the pop up of the details ( unfortunatly on Skyrim se, no parallax)

Thank you Ultimate immersion for the video

Thank you Hodilton for the video

Thank you S.Silin for the video (7.36 to ETD)

What this mod doesn't do is it to add new trees from the existing one

This mod has a ultra quality resolution (i'm working on a 2k smaller option),
it means that will hit your vram according to the amount of mods that add trees
for example :
Vanilla trees+ETD  will not have mostly a cost on your vram
SBT (simply bigger trees)+ETD  will have a small cost on your vram
if you use a combination of Great forest of Whiterun+SBT+EDT, this will have a hit on your vram


1 Download and install with your manager

If you use SBT simply Bigger Tree
Install SBT
Install ETD
Download the compability patch after the main file
And when request to update the nif give (yes to mod)

Use SSelodgen or Dyndolod for a better quality lod according to your tree mod


Just use your manager

The mod is compatible with all mods that add vanilla trees
Great forest of Whiterun
Forest of Dibella
SBT (Simply Bigger Trees ) with patch
Fantasy Forest 
ect ect...

The mod is not compatible (for now)

SFO ( cause it use its own NIF patch is needed )
Skyrim 3D Trees (patch is needed, request in progress)
Enhanced Vanilla Trees Sse ( patch is needed )
And other mods that use their own Nif of trees

PREVIOUS WORK and porting:


 A big thank to Alreadytaken777 that gave me the permission to be part and to go on with his inizial project, 
to him all the credit for the Nif creation and permissions to the SBT patch