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A texture replacement for the Ore veins, Mined ores and Ingots. Includes patches for Hearthfire and Skyrim AE

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Version 9.0 introduces a comprehensive redesign of all mod aspects. While it may not align with every user's preferences, it embodies the direction I envision for this mod.

Due to popular demand, v8.0 has been re-released with the 8.0.1 patch, available under "Optional Files". Please download either the latest or the "Legacy" edition. Ensure not to utilize both simultaneously.

Appreciations to Kevkas for crafting a patch (8.0.2) that provides the 8.0 aesthetic to the new AE components.

Presenting a comprehensive overhaul of all ores, mined ores, and ingots within Skyrim. Each ore has been meticulously recreated using diverse tools, ensuring a distinct appearance and avoiding uniformity. Mined ores and ingots have been thoughtfully retextured and mesh-tweaked to present a more authentic visual experience.

  • Exquisite new textures for every in-game ore, inclusive of Blackreach Geodes.
  • Unique meshes and textures, preserving vanilla assets.
  • Distinctive cubemaps for all assets.
  • Adjusted ore meshes to harmonize with new textures.
  • Corresponding textures for each ore type, ensuring diversity in appearance between, for example, iron and gold.
  • Revamped textures for mined ores and ingots.
  • HD mesh for the ingots, courtesy of Billyro (Fenrir Blades mod).
  • Included patch for Hearthfire DLC's Quarried Stone. Automated installation ensures a single .esp file from this mod. Place this .esp at the bottom of the load order or disable/delete as preferred.
  • Fresh and unique textures for Dragonborn DLC’s Heartstone Ore, Heartstones, and various gem ores.
  • New textures for Madness Ingot, Madness Ore, Refined Amber, and Amber from Skyrim AE.

Textures are available in 4K and 2K. The 2K version is recommended for the majority of users due to marginal perceptual differences between resolutions.

Comparatively, mods like Glowing Ore Veins 300 by ByblosHex primarily add glowmaps and edit cubemaps. This mod, however, provides a total redesign of all game-used ore veins, ensuring each ore type possesses a unique texture and maintains the potential to emulate the glow effect similar to GOV.

Compatibility extends to nearly all mods, excluding those which alter the textures and mesh of Ores, Ingots, and Mined Ores. Always overwrite SMIM meshes.

Auto Installation
This mod is best installed using Vortex (or NMM) to precisely select desired components via the installer.

Manual Installation
Manual installation is strongly discouraged to prevent potential issues.

Your suggestions are valuable! Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback.

All assets, unless otherwise stated, were developed by me, ClearanceClarence, utilizing Substance Designer, Adobe Photoshop CC, and Blender 2.93. Unauthorized reuploads of this mod outside of Nexus are prohibited. However, polite requests for permission are typically granted.