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What do you do when you are tired of Lydia? You go to the Nexus. In this mod I have made the ultimate housecarls: Celia and Celinda Kettle-Maiden. They can use any weapon you want or be spellswords. Celinda is the young version while Celia is old and badass. They share a custom built room in Dragonsreach.

Permissions and credits
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Celia the Kettle-Maiden ___

Celia the Kettle-Maiden is my original character, but she has grown to also be an actual housecarl with a backstory. Due to requests I have now added a second Kettle-Maiden: Celinda the Kettle-Maiden. So now you can have both in the game at once. Complete with all the features of previous versions. However, how they are related is up to you. Celia will always be a lone-wolf for me so I am not going to say anything about their relationship.

To see what Celia has been up to before she met you, please have a look at her story:
A Housecarl's Duty

About Celia  
Celia is the original housecarl I made, she is now the gray one. She is the one featured in the story pictures. She is the only one of the two that has the Balgruuf decoy shout. However, I have yet to get it to work in this current version(1.2).

About Celinda  
Celinda is the young version. She has the same skills and setup as Celia apart from the Balgruuf decoy shout.


Race: Breton/Nord.

Voice type:
 Female Commander with dialogue options to toggle her spells on/off. They also have some additional lines after Main Quest 104: Dragon Rising, is completed. Like a Housecarl Toggle and being able to ask them for combat advice. Note: Seems to work best for Celia, don't think I managed it for both, even though that was my intention.

Housecarl Toggle:
Celia and Celinda can be told to stop being a housecarl and vice versa whenever the player wishes. Note: After Dragon Rising has been completed.

Combat style:
 Dual wield, sword and shield, archery, spellsword, two handed. Celia and Celinda's spells can be toggled on or off one by one, and when all are toggled off they are regular warrior housecarls. Which enables them to use shields rather than magic. With spells toggled on, they are spellswords. That doesn't mean they are strictly bound to either though, mix and match if you feel like it!

Teleportation Spell:
They have spell tomes in their inventory that teaches you a spell that teleports Celia or Celinda to you, depending on which one you use. Completely optional, you can choose to throw the tome away too, if you want.

 Firebolt, Flames, Frostbite, Icy Spear(custom version, on the same level as Firebolt. Ice Spike felt so generic), Sparks, Lightning Bolt. Last but not least the Balgruuf Decoy Battle Shout, which is also toggleable on and off through the magic dialogue option.

 They have quite many perks, but I have only given them perks that they should have since they are the ultimate housecarls. They have appropriate heavy and light armor perks, bow perks, one handed/two handed and destruction.

 1 times level multiplier. I wanted them to level with the player indefinitely, but I am not sure if I managed.


PlayerHousecarlFaction(after Dragon Rising is completed, toggleable).

Where To Find Her/Gear
Celia and Celinda is in Dragonsreach, Whiterun. Celia has a short sleeved Falkreath cuirass on and Temple Priest boots as her base outfit. Celinda has the short-sleeved Whiterun cuirass and Temple Priest boots as her base outfit. Both has a kettle pommeled steel sword. The cuirass and boots they wear by default are set as clothing, so they will not cause any issues with armors. The rest of her gear can be found in their room, which lies in the Jarl's Quarters(enter the Jarl's Quarters area, go into the room to the right and down the stairs. First room to your right when you enter the servant's quarters).

Important Info/Compatibility With Other Mods_
Celia/Celinda should be fully compatible with follower frameworks/follower overhauls and the like, since they are on the vanilla follower framework and use a vanilla voice. Might be some problems with the teleportation spells but that is an optional thing.

All the armors and bodies is CBBE based.

The Balgruuf decoy is a new Balgruuf npc but he uses Balgruuf the Greater's appearance through an actor template. So he should look like the Balgruuf in your game. That's the idea at least. He wears Balgruuf's civil war outfit.

To get Celia and Celinda to do what I wanted them to do and to have a place of their own I edited the following cells:
Dragonsreach Main Hall - Placed some idle markers that only Celia can use.
Dragonsreach Jarl Quarters - Moved some stuff out into the void so that I could make her door fit nicely into the rest of the building.

I would assume that my mod conflicts with mods that edit the Dragonsreach Main Hall and Jarl's Quarters.

Known Issues_
Long hair wig seems to be taken as one stack, no other items does this. I don't know why.

Not sure if Celia can actually summon the Balgruuf decoy. She hasn't for me. 

The arms of the short sleeved guard armors clips through the armor in certain poses(Vanilla issue?).

Use Vortex or do a manual install(drag contents of zip to the Skyrim SE Data Folder -> enable .esp).

Related Mods_
Housecarl Hold Gear - This mod inspired me to put in the Whiterun cuirass. Which later expanded to all cuirasses.

Lucien - Fully Voiced Follower - he is aware of Celia's existence. Made by Joseph Russell

Real Warrior Woman(Danika) - A gritty and badass female warrior who has seen her fair share of fights. By triptherift.

Nib's Male Followers - My male follower mod. Features a fully functional blacksmith follower among others.

Male Follower Mods Compendium - I started a compendium for male follower mods but I didn't care enough to maintain it. You're welcome to take a look though!

Recommended Mods_
A Follower Framework/Overhaul.

Assets Used/Credits_
Note to authors whose assets I have used: If you have objections against your mod being used in this mod, don't hesitate to contact me. :)

Bodyslide and Outfit StudioCaliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by Osnius, Caliente and Jeir. For the tools I used to make Celia's armor and body.

Joseph Russell for endless patience with my questions, and for helping to fix scripting and CK related issues.

triptherift for helping to fix my hair mesh issues and thus curing bald Celia.

rxkx22 for the diffuse skin textures from their mod Bijin Skin UNP and CBBE SE. Ported to SE by Shiva182.

zzjay for skin textures: Women of Skyrim CBBE SE(Body Normal Map) and Women of Skyrim - RACIAL DIVERSITY - REALISM Overhaul(Breton Head Normal Map).

Gearhog for the aging complexion 40 and 50 from her mod Gearhogs Character Overhaul - Female ALPHA 2-0 - UNP CBBE

Maevan2's Eyebrows for eyebrows.

Improved Eyes Skyrim by Nazenn for Celia's eye textures.

Eye Normal Map Fix SSE by Mr. Dave for the eye normal map.

Apachii Skyhair SSE by apachii for help with helmet hair not showing up and mesh settings in Nifskope. Also for providing inspiration for the helmet hair through the apachii Helmet Hair mod available from the main apachii mod page.

KS Hairdos SSE by Kalilies and Stealthic Khaos for Celia's hair

This Tutorial at for making it possible to add a summon/teleportation spell.

Gnewna for face feedback.

GarnetSan for face feedback.

Waribiki for hair feedback.

scipher99 for teaching me how to center the kettle on the pommels.