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This mod adds a brand new housecarl to Dragonsreach; the spellsword housecarl Celia the Kettle-Maiden, my original character and mentor of Lydia.

Permissions and credits
Celia the Kettle-Maiden ____

Celia the Kettle-Maiden is a top level housecarl in the service of Balgruuf the Greater, Jarl of Whiterun. She is a spellsword, trained Lydia and protects the Jarl on a regular basis. She has saved him
from skeletons, possible furniture accidents, drunkedness etc. She is a housecarl you can count on.

 A Housecarl's Duty - Celia's Companion Story

Race: Breton/Nord.
Voice type: Female Commander.
Marital Status: You can marry her if you have an Amulet of Mara.
Combat style: Spellsword. As a spellsword she alternates between ranged and melee at will. It's all she does really, but it works really well.
She does not use shields, it interferes with her spells because the spells are
restricted to her left hand.
Spells: Flames, Firebolt, Close Wounds, Healing Hands,Greater Ward, Frostbite, Ice Spike, Balgruuf Decoy Battle Shout.
Perks: Augmented Flames 0-60, Augmented Frost 0-60, MagicResistance 30, Armsman 0-40, Juggernaut 0-60, Agile Defender 0-60, Bladesman
30-60, Light Foot, Muffled Movement, Destruction Apprentice and Adept,
Alteration Apprentice and Adept.
Stats: 1.5 level multiplier. Levels with you from 0 to 300.
Factions: I have put Celia in the following factions:

The 2 vanilla follower factions; potential and current.
Potential Marriage faction

Where To Find Her_
Celia is in Dragonsreach,Whiterun. She has her whiterun cuirass, leather boots and gauntlets as her
default outfit along with her kettle pommeled steel sword. The rest of her gear
can be found in the chest in her room, which lies in the Jarl's Quarters(enter the Jarl's
Quarters area, go into the room to the right and down the stairs. First room to
your right when you enter the servant's quarters).

Included In The Mod_
"The Jarl of Whiterun!" -Celia's custom battlecry. It summons a decoy of Jarl Balgruuf to aid her in
combat. She originally created it to help the Jarl escape potential
ambushes but it works offensively as well. Can be toggled off or on through dialogue.

Standalone textures and meshes, so no matter what you use she will always look like on my images. Her armors and weapons(excluding the kettle on the pommel) will use the textures you have in your game.

A few armors fitted for Celia and Celia only; Nordic Steel, Whiterun Cuirass and her Roughspun body. The roughspun tunic is what
shows up when she unequips everything. It's her naked body.

Her unique kettle pommeled weapons.

Important Info/Compatibility With Other Mods_
The Balgruuf decoy is a new Balgruuf npc so he doesn't conflict with any Balgruuf edits and he wears Balgruuf's civil war outfit.

The battlecry can be turned off by talking to Celia. See images.

To get Celia to do what I wanted her to do and to have a place of her own I edited the
following cells:
Dragonsreach Main Hall - Placed some idle markers that only Celia can use.
Dragonsreach Jarl Quarters - Moved some stuff out into the void so that I could make her door fit nicely into the rest of the building.

I would assume that the mod is incompatible with mods that edit Dragonsreach
Main Hall and the Jarl's Quarters.

In order to stop the Balgruuf summon from moaning I put a condition in the
quest DialogueGenericCommanded that checks whether the actor is the Balgruuf
Summon or not.

Compatible with Advanced Follower Tweaks(regular and Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks) and Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.

Use NMMor for manual install pull everything inside your data folder.

Related Mods_
Lucien - Fully Voiced Follower - he is aware of Celia's existence. Made by Treacleman.

Real Warrior Woman(Danika) - A gritty and badass female warrior who has seen her fair share of fights.

Male Followers Compendium

Nib's Male Followers - My male follower mod.

Recommended Mods_

Advanced FollowerTweaks - AFT
. Makes it possible for you to bring several followerswith you. Like for example both Celia and Lydia.



Treacleman for invaluable help with scripting, advice and general assistance.

Mature Skin by Maevan2 for skintextures.

Maevan2's Eyebrows for eyebrows.

Bodyslide and Outfit StudioCaliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by Osnius, Caliente and Jeir for the tools I used Celia's armor and body.

HighResolution Scars by Xenius for Celia's scar texture.

Improved Eyes Skyrim by Nazenn for Celia'seyes.

Eye Normal Map Fix SSE by Mr.Dave for the eye normal map.

Apachii Skyhair SSE by apachii for thehelmet hair.

KS Hairdos SSE by KaliliesStealthic and Shockero for Celia's hair

scipher99 for telling me how to center the kettle on the pommels.