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Now farmers and miners across Skyrim are more than happy to sell you their stocks as you travel.

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Now the foreman in mines across Skyrim will sell ore that comes from their mines. The farmers are also happy to sell you the produce they, well produce.

The Vendors use the 'street vendor' leveled list and so will have 50 gold if you use vanilla merchant gold, and whatever your mods determine if you have altered merchant gold with a mod.


The Farmers:
All Farmers will buy: food (both raw and cooked), firewood, and hunters items (leather, pelts so-on)

In Whiterun Hold:
  • Pelagia's Farm: Gloth and Nimriel will sell you jugs of milk, cabbages, leeks, potatoes, red mountain flowers, lavender, butter, mora tapinella and eggs.
  • Battleborn Farm: Gwendolyn will sell you jugs of milk, leeks, eggs, gourds, lavender, tundra cotton, flour, butter, bread and wheat
  • Chillfurrow Farm: Wilmuth will sell you jugs of milk, cabbages, wheat, butter, eidar cheese wheels, purple mountain flowers, tundra cotton and eggs 
  • Loreius Farm: Vantus and Curwe will sell you Goat Cheese Wheels, Sliced Goat Cheese, Goat Cheese Wedges, tundra cotton, sliced eidar chees, bread, butter, jugs of milk, cabbages, flour, wheat, eggs, leeks, and potatoes. (After "Delayed Burial" is completed and waiting a few in game hours)

  • Lemkil's Farm: Lemkil will sell you cabbages, potatoes, wheat, lavender and leeks
  • Cowflop Farm: Ennis and Reldith will sell you flour, bread, lavender, purple mountain flowers, chicken breasts, grilled chicken breast, wheat, cabbages, potatoes, and eggs.

Falkreath Hold:
  • Corpselight Farm: Mathies and Indara will sell you jugs of milk, butter, purple mountain flowers, thistle branches, eidar cheese wheels, eidar cheese wedges, gourds, eggs, cabbages, and potatoes.

The Rift:
  • Fellstar Farm: Jofthor and Boti sell jugs of milk, butter, bread, flour, wheat, cabbages, potatoes, and eggs.
  • Sarethi Farm: Avrusa and Aduri will sell you Goat Cheese Wheels, Sliced Goat Cheese, Goat Cheese Wedges, gourds, red mountain flowers, bleeding crowns, potatoes, and nirnroot.
  • Merryfair Farm: Dravin and Synda sell jugs of milk, thistle branches, bread, ,butter, flour, gourds, eggs, cabbages, and wheat.

  • Katla's Farm: Katla sells wheat, red mountain flowers, purple mountain flowers, thistle branches, leeks, cabbages, potatoes, and eggs.

  • The Lylvieve Farm: Azzada, Julienne, and Michel will sell you Goat Cheese Wheels, Sliced Goat Cheese, Goat Cheese Wedges, flour, butter, bread, thistle branches, wheat, cabbage, gourds, potato, and eggs.

  • Hlaalu Farm: Adisla will sell blue mountain flowers, snowberries. Goat Cheese Wheels, Sliced Goat Cheese, Goat Cheese Wedges, wheat and eggs.
  • Hollyfrost Farm: Tulvur will sell Goat Cheese Wheels, Sliced Goat Cheese, Goat Cheese Wedges, wheat and snowberries. 

The Miners:
All Miners will now also buy Firewood and all types of tools. All miners will now sell you quarried stone in varied amounts if you need it. (I mean they have plenty , right? If you want to buy extra rocks from then they'll gladly sell you some from out back :) ) 

A random amount of the ore available from their mine. Its available in large quantities, you should find anywhere from 50 to 150 chunks of ore. Iron mines also have a low chance to sell a small amount of charcoal. Also a random amount of ingots made from the local ore - significantly less than the amount of ore. Iron mines also have a random chance to sell a small number of steel ingots. (Don't count on it being available, but you might see the odd bar here and there)

A very low chance of gems associated with their ore.
Gem/ore associations are the same as Complete Crafting Overhaul and are as follows:  
  • Iron = Amethysts, Sapphires   
  • Corundum = Garnets, Rubies  
  • Silver = Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds   
  • Orchialum = Garnets, Amethysts, Rubies, Sapphires   
  • Gold = Garnets, Amethysts, Emeralds   
  • Quicksilver = Rubies, Emeralds   
  • Moonstone = Garnets, Emeralds   
  • Malachite = Amethysts, Diamonds   
  • Ebony = Amethysts, Diamonds

The all now sell a random assortment of spare tools such as pickaxes, torches, lanterns, axes, firewood, charcoal, leather strips and linen.

Shors Stone:
Grogmar sells Iron
Requirements: Kill the Frostbite Spiders in Redbelly Mine

Gestur Rock-Breaker sells Iron
Requirements: Take a message to Thane Bryling

Skaggi Scar-Face sells Iron

Beitild sells Iron
Liegelf sells Quicksilver

Kjeld sells Malachite

Ainethach sells Silver
Requirement: Evict the Silverblood mercenaries

Kolskeggr Mine:
Pavo sells Gold
Requirements: Reclaim the mine from the Forsworn

Soljund's Sinkhole:
Perth sells Moonstone
Requirements: Kill the Draugr!

Darkwater Crossing:
Verner sells Corundum

In addition the following NPC's were already merchants, but you should now find them to have more ore available:

Filnjar, Blacksmith - Shor's Stone - More iron
Gharol, Blacksmith - Dushnikh Yal- More Orichalcum
Shuftharz, Blacksmith - Mor Khazgur - More Orichalcum
Dushnamub, Blacksmith - Gloombound Mine - More Ebony

Notes about other farmers & miners:
You won't be able to purchase produce from the Snow Shod farm, since Addvild tells you that he has nothing to sell, and directs you to Riften for your produce needs. 

The Sarethi Farm is unique in that it's the only place in Skyrim where Nirnroot is mass produced. You can purchase and sell it here, but not at any of the other farms.

Thorgar from Whistling Mine is deluded about his prospects, the mine is almost dry. He's going bust, so the poor bloke doesn't have any ore to sell you.

Thane Bryling is a wealthy woman. She's not gonna carry around a bunch of ore in her back pocket.

Rajti15 for Farmers sell produce