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ReImagines (Replaces) Harkon's Sword as a vampiric sword known as Blood Matron.

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This is a total reimagining of Harkon’s Sword from its appearance to its abilities to its very name.  This means it is a replacer.  Blood Matron will be the sword the Harkon is carrying if you use this mod.  This is likely great once he’s dead… not so much when you’re trying to kill him.  Good luck with that.

Blood Matron is a vampiric blade of unknown origin though, of the few that know of the blade’s existence, many believe it was forged by Molag Bal himself or for him as a gift by a talented blacksmith.  They claim that the sword was stabbed through Lamae Beolfag’s abdomen to pin her down, and keep her alive, while Molag Bal raped her.  When he was done, he abandoned them both.  It is unclear as to whether the sword was transformed along with Lamae, was the reason Lamae transformed, or if somehow they transformed each other… but when Lamae Beolfag rose as Lamae Bal… the sword rose with her as Blood Matron.


Damage increased only slightly due to the main strength of this weapon being the blood related powers: 
From 8 to 11

Weight increased due to the sword being heavy with blood:

From 9 to 15

Speed increased to reflect the blade having some vampiric speed and being faster than a normal blade:

From 1 to 1.10

When wielded by lesser creatures (non-Vampires), Blood Matron sinks a fang into them and constantly drinks of their blood:

Blood Matron’s Thirst – As a non-vampire, Blood Matron is constantly drinking your blood causing you to suffer 50 DMG to Max Health and 25% DMG to Heal Rate

When wielded by the worthy (Vampires), Blood Matron shares what is spilled from its mouth with the vampire wielding it, thus feeding itself and the vampire:
Blood Matron’s Spill –  As a vampire, you are fed and healed by the blood spilling from the mouth of Blood Matron whenever it drinks (Exsanguinate).

These are gifted by Blood Matron to whoever wields it:

– 7% Chance for Blood Matron to gorge itself on the blood of your opponent, recharging some of its power (like a soul gem would) and draining their blood. This chance is increased to 12% if you’re a vampire and will also feed and heal you.

–  7% Chance for Blood Matron to temporarily solidify a living target’s blood, paralyzing them.

– 7% Chance for Blood Matron to manipulate a living enemy’s blood and use it to throw them.

Blood Bend
– 7% Chance for Blood Matron to infect a target with its own blood, to briefly control their actions.  Being wielded by a human provides more blood allowing Blood Matron a higher (12%) chance of using this power.
33% chance overall (or roughly 1 in 3 attacks) for one of Blood Matron’s abilities to trigger in a fight. 


You need one, a PC, and probably Dawnguard… but not the abacus.


It’s best to use the “DOWNLOAD NMM” option. 

This mod also replaces the model/texture but if you want to use the model texture from another mod that alters Harkon’s Sword, download this mod first, then the mod that has the model/texture you want.  If the other mod has an esp, make sure it’s loaded after this one.


wiikki – The weapon model currently being used for Blood Matron is, an awesome weapon called Lilith’s Harbinger and wiikki is the one who made it. 

– The insane king of the jungle who is always a big help with my mods.

Mayday, the Maymay and TREEEEPS!!
– Cause you know.  Support and all that jazz.  Very friendly and very supportive folks.

Arron Dominion
– His videos are what really helped me improve in scripting… as did annoying him with my questions.

– Same as above, but only for just about everything else.  He’s made modding possible for me.

– Do I even need to say way?  His very detailed videos are to modding what Morgan Freeman’s voice is to life; they guide the very existence of them.


If you want to use the same model and or texture the sword is currently using (Lilith’s Harbinger), then you need to contact wiikki.
But feel free to use the other aspects of this mod, long as you credit me.