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Adds Several new spells. Makes master level destruction spells more powerful. Allows the Mage Armor perk benefits with any armor. Changes the master alteration spell Dragonhide to be more like the other armor spells. Changes fire, frost, and shock spell high level perks. Impact perk staggers half the time.

Permissions and credits
I felt that the master destruction spells were a little disappointing when you finally got them, especially if you play on legendary. This mod aims to make the spells give a little more damage, but not be overpowered. Update 2.0 adds 9 new spells and changes a few more Master spells.

Fire Storm
100 > 200
75 > 175
50 > 150
Area remains the same at 100, 50, and 25 feet.

20 > 50 damage per second, half to stamina.
Duration remains the same at 10 seconds.

Lightning Storm
75 > 100 damage per second, half to magicka.
Changed to a one handed spell. Charge time is 1 second instead of 3 seconds.

Fierce Flames
100 damage per second.

Chilling Cry
100 damage per second, half to stamina.

Sky's Wrath
60 damage primer, lighting strike for 100 damage + stun.
(primer is same as Thunderbolt, lightning strike can only be used outside)

The spell is now one handed and acts like Ebonyflesh except it's base armor value has been increased. Dual cast bonuses apply, and the effects (light and sound) are the same as the original spell but will not use the master spell animation. Update 2.0 adds a 20% damage reduction from physical and elemental damage.
80% Physical mitigation > 20% Physical and Elemental mitigation + 150 armor.

Advanced Telekinesis
Grab and throw creatures and NPCs.

Long Fall
Allows you to withstand really long falls. Inspired by Slowfall from previous Elder Scrolls.

Water Walking
Always thought this spell was missing.

+100 points carry weight for 60 seconds.

Grand Healing
Added heal over time effect:
200 + 10 points per second for 10 seconds.

Guardian Circle
Undead up to level 35 flee the circle + heals 20 points per second + 10% Physical and Elemental mitigation for 60 seconds.

Mending Ward
100 points + 20 points per second for 30 seconds + 10% Physical and Elemental mitigation.

Unparagoned Ward
120 points armor + negates 120 of spell damage + 10% Physical and Elemental mitigation.

Never Surrender
If you fall bellow 25% health, instantly recover 50% health and the same amount in magicka.

Perk Changes
Mage Armor
The Mage Armor perk now allows any use of armor, I found it odd that you could not use dragon priest masks without losing the benefit or any other armor for that matter.
Mage armor now works with Cloth, Light, or Heavy.

Some inspiration for the below changes come from the Minimalist Magic Overhaul for oldrim.
Will only stagger half the time instead of all the time.

Intense Flames
No longer makes enemies flee when their health is low. Fire spells have a 20% chance to make the target more susceptible to fire for 5 seconds.

Deep Freeze
Will freeze enemies 10% of the time for 3 seconds, not when their health is low.

Replaces Disintegrate. It gives shock spells a 5% chance to silence magic users for 10 seconds.

Spell Locations
All new spell tomes can be found in the Hall of Countenance at the College of Winterhold on barrels. Destruction spells in Faralda's room. Restoration, Colette's room. Alteration in the storage room next to Colette's room.

Other magic mods that I use and highly recommend:
Enhanced Vanilla Magic by Emberwake, still a great mod, but with the newer master spells released here, the damage becomes... overkill.
Dragon Shouts Overhaul by Dave1029