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A quaint little house with pretty much all the amenities. Located right near the Riften Stables.

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A simple, cozy player home with various (albeit minor to a degree) dunmer influences located immediately outside of Riften. Complete with custom storage containers for nearly everything (sorry, no trophy racks though) and areas for Smithing, Enchanting, Cooking, and Alchemy.

In order to obtain the key to the house, read the note (that ought to be) on the steps to the front door. The house's previous owner will be somewhere in the mentioned destination...

As far as I know, this home should be compatible with pretty much any mod (save for those that would put a structure in the same spot as it)
Though it ought to work fine with Custom Family Home, for you spouse and one child, at the very least.

This is/was my first venture into modding for skyrim, so apologies for anything that might be sloppy, overlooked, or just kinda... poorly made?

Credits to:
- Lolikyonyu for Lolicept Resources
- jet4571 for Jet's Resources
- Jokerine for Jokerine's Misc resources