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Temporary solution to get Winter Is Coming cloaks to provide Warmth for Survival Mode

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25th October 2017: Clarified some points in the description, no changes to files.
11th October 2017: Changed the title because I realised it wasn't very helpful for search results, no changes to files.
Added support for Frostfall compatible Leather (25 Warmth) and Cloth (20 Warmth) cloaks.

This mod is a quick and dirty solution to get Winter Is Coming cloaks to provide Warmth for Survival Mode. It works by giving your character a 30 point Warmth buff that is only active while wearing an item with the Frostfall fur cloak Keyword, such as all the cloaks available in Winter is Coming. It makes no changes to the actual cloaks which will still display a zero Warmth rating. This is just a very quick botch job to get the cloaks sort-of working until a proper patch can be made by the cloak mods' creators. Doesn't edit any records or add any scripts so it should be safe to uninstall whenever. I'd appreciate any input on compatibility or uninstallation issues but as this is a quick and temporary fix I don't intend to expand the scope of the mod any further. Feel free to do so yourself and release it as you please.