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quick patch(s) to have survival and USSEP work better together. also a patch to add some realism. also an Immersive armors patch

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Survial Mode for skyrim is here, but the implementation is poor. This is a quick patch to add the survival keyword to all the armors missing it in the base game and USSEP. Bethesda added the keyword to a few of the base armors, but none of the enchanted versions. The keyword was also dropped randomly from glass gauntlets. First patch fixes these issues.

Updated to include all fixes including food/ingestibles/magic/spells/scrolls. Updated to include meat pie added by USSEP. updated to include shrine no-cost in heartfire homes.

Added Patch for Cutting room floor.

Second patch adds the keyword for the gloves of the pugilist, wolf armor, Deathbrand and Skaal clothes.  updated to drop Nordic carved as it already had survival keyword.

Added Survival patch for immersive armors v8.1 sse. Followed the general idea of heavy fur or completely covered to be considered warm. 

USSEP team
xedit team