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KS Dragon Overhaul is the dragon overhaul mod made for Skyrim SE. This mod add an MCM that have many options for you to tweak or adjust anything about dragon and it completely compatible with mods that's add dragons.

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KS Dragon Overhaul

Skyrim LE version : Links

1) Introduction
2) Feature
3) Bugs
4) Compatibility


English i not my native language so if any user kind not understand about description of this mod, I'm really sorry for that. KS Dragon Overhaul is the dragon overhaul mod i made for Skyrim SE. The core features of this mod is to let user to choose or adjust what is the best and better options for them to make dragon combat even more better all of them in MCM of this mod. This mod have similar function/feature like in Deadly Dragon but with more options and no
adding dragons attempt as well some function/feature from DCO. If you already have own self port of Deadly Dragon and DCO mod, i recommended to not use both of that mod alongside with this mod or you can stick with both of that mod without need to install this mod (Your choice).

Other Change

Include feature to
adjust almost everything about dragons combat. From gameplay, AI, shouts, assault event, physical effect (aka. dragon physics) and also dragon death animation. For more information, please refer to "ReadMe" of this mod

Include feature about adjust dragon stats. From attributes, melee damage, magic damage, damage resistance, magic resistance and also stagger resistance of dragon. This is not only adjust regular "Dragons", it also include adjust stats of your favorite dragon follower "Durnehviir" and adjust stats of the mightiest dragon of game "Alduin". Its up to you to decided how difficult of dragon you want in your game but if you cant decided, you can use "Presets" options to help you decided the difficulty of dragons you want.

Include all feature to help a bit about player progression. Some of this options is maybe not important to you but you can totally ignore it without any problem. Options come with dragon souls conversion, world cell settings, dragon remains weight and dragon naming options.

Dragonrend - Make a small tweak to Dragonrend shout 
that dragon will no longer ignore Dragonrend if it has high magic resistance.

Dragon shout voice - Fix dragons shouts voice files to make dragon actually have a voice for vanilla dragon that use voices that where already in
the game. Mod like Dragons Shout with Voice and Dragon Real Shout is totally not compatible with this mod.

Quest Releted Bug (Alduin's Bane Quest) - Alduin fail to trigger killmove to Gormlaith Golden-Hilt after few attack and make him stop to do anything after
that. This can be prevent by disabling all toggle in "Physical Effect" setting in MCM before do a a quest.

Dragon Injured Bug (Vanilla & KS Gameplay) - Dragon sometimes will fly away from battle if it fail find valid landing spot when it get injured. To prevent this, try to fight a dragon in open area that dragon can find landing spot.

Example video of this mod (Thanks Pickelsturn)

DragonRace, crDragonResistNPCs, AlduinBase and DLC1Durnehviir is main edit of this mod. Any mod that do same edit will totally not compatible or need to make a patch using xEdit or Mator Smash.

Diverse Dragons Collection SE Compatible.
Splendor - Dragon Variants SE Compatible.
Simply Stronger Dragons (SSD) SE Not Compatible.
Durnehviir Resurrected SE Compatible.
Bellyaches New Dragon Species SSE Compatible.
Elemental Dragons Special Edition Not Compatible.
Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition Compatible.
Advanced Adversary Encounters - Ultimate SSE Compatible with patch provide.
Durnehviir God of Death Compatible (Load Durnehviir God of Death plugin after KS Dragon Overhaul plugin).
Serio's Enhanced Dragons Compatible (Load Serio's Enhanced Dragons plugin before KS Dragon Overhaul plugin).
Enhanced Slightly Mighty Dragons V4 Compatible with patch provide.
Enhanced Mighty Dragons V4 Compatible with patch provide.
SkyTEST - Harder Creatures Compatible.
Mortal Enemies SE Compatible (Load Mortal Enemies plugin before KS Dragon Overhaul plugin).

Dragon Animation Replace in Special Edition to replace new animation of dragon.
D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP animation vanilla friendly SSE to make you stand up more faster than normal.
Dragon Stalking Fix to fix dead dragon 
corpses that will travel to player or fall out of the sky.

SSE 1.5.3 or higher

SKSE64 2.0.4 or higher
SkyUI 5.2SE or higher