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10 new weapons and 1 new shield.

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Swordsman's Assortment for Skyrim SE v1.2 Eng

Standard version is available HERE

Ronnie Magnum - meshes, textures, locations
Albert Zaigrov - Berantand music theme
Dimonoider - scripting
9RedMen - exterior navmeshes

Skyrim SE

This mod adds ten new weapons and one new shield (along with a small surprise that can be obtained in Berantand location, so search carefully). You can find them in a various places all over Skyrim.

Also, this mod contains new musical track as background theme, composed by my good friend and colleague Albert Zaigrov. You can download MP3 file (320kbps) in the optional files on this mod page.
Check out his website to explore his musical creativity.

Full list of new items:

Staff of Hammerfell

Enchantment: Summons the Desert Spirit for 60 sec.
Where to find: Purewater Run Cave.

Ancient Ceremonial Greatsword
Enchantment: None
Where to find: Silverdrift Lair.

Blessed Silver Sword
Enchantment: Very effective against undead.
Where to find: Traitor's Post Basement.

Enchantment: Lightning Damage.
Where to find: Arcwind Point.

Chastener's Reward
Enchantment: Deals extra damage to bandits, faster strike.
Where to find: Small island South from College of Winterhold.

Vanguard Blade
Enchantment: Absorb Stamina and Magicka.
Where to find: Clearpine Pond.

Bec de Corbin
Enchantment: Extra damage on strike.
Where to find: West from Whiterun, in a small cave under city walls.

Enchantment: None.
Where to find: Small island East from Solitude.

Northkeeper's Edge
Enchantment: Frost Damage.
Where to find: Northeast of Hela's Foly island.

Blade of Intrigue
Enchantment: None
Where to find: Old tomb near Deep Folk Crossing.

Shield of Berantand
Enchantment: Deals 15 pts. of Lightning damage while bashing.
Where to find: New Berantand location Southwest from Mzulft



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