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Rings for the player that add NightEye, Detect (Life, Undead, Dwarven, Daedra), and Clairvoyance

Permissions and credits
This is a SSE version of the mod Ring of Ultravision by johneh87 (with his permission)

The original mod by johneh87 can be found here:  

This mod adds rings that can be crafted at the Skyforge to give the player various vision abilities:

Ring of Ultra Vision:  NightEye + Detect Life, Undead, Dwarven, and Daedra
Ring of Aura Vision: same as above but without NightEye
Ring of Clairvoyance: Constant Clairvoyance (shows path to current quest object)
Ring of Aura of the Dead: shows ONLY killed NPCs

There is also an "Uber" version of each ring which provide for greater distance.

Using these rings allows you to hotkey the item and turn them on and off at will without having to swap an item out of your hands.  The Ultra Vision and Aura Vision rings not only reveal life but also shows friendlies as blue and hostiles as red.  This is a big benefit when there's a huge melee and you're not sure who to attack.  However, some friendlies will appear as blue until you get close and then turn red and attack you.  The Aura of the Dead Ring allows you to find those dead bodies you need to loot or even dead bodies killed by NPCs and left rotting. 

How to Acquire the Rings
I always used the console to add the rings since it adds such a fun game play mechanic to have from the start.  They can also be crafted only at the Skyforge under Jewelry.  The perk Arcane Blacksmith is required.  They also require a filled grand soul gem while the Ultra Vision also requires a filled black soul gem. The Uber versions require additional materials.  If people are interested I could create a version with much lower crafting requirements.  

All credit goes to johneh87 as the original author of the mod.  

A little credit to Vyxenne who originally told me about this mod. 

If anyone has any comments or suggestions please let me know.