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This adds map markers to all of the Skyrim Special Edition Player Homes

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Settlement Marker for all of the regular game homes.

One single .esp that will easily merge with nearly any other mod .esp files.

A marker for the Hearthfire homes that isn't used anywhere else to set the three Hearthfire homes apart.

None of the markers are previously marked or fast travel enabled until after you have discovered them! 

The three cities that have battles during the civil war will now have the house markers disabled during their battles to prevent quest problems.
(Solitude, Whiterun and Windhelm)

For colored map markers like I show in my pic I suggest = Pastel Map Markers

Houses Covered:

Arch-Mage's Quarters - College of Winterhold (Rooftop Marker between the 2 doors)
Breezehome - Whiterun
Hjerim - Windhelm
Honeyside - Riften
Proudspire Manor - Solitude
Vlindrel Hall - Markarth
Severin Manor - Raven Rock

New Markers for:
Heljarchen Hall - The Pale
Lakeview Manor - Falkreath
Winstad Manor - Hjaalmarch

French by Astree
German by McCloudy

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