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First off, I did none of the work to bring this awesome mod, I only saved it in the creation kit for SSE.  The original mod is here:
I didn't see any permission issues as there were no permission notes so I'm assuming this is safe to upload but if I'm wrong, please correct me and I will gladly take this mod down :)

Now on how to get this to work...
Obviously this requires Vilja SSE and Chaconne Follower to work.  A new start is required from what I've tested.  If you don't, you will get a neck seam (at least I did).  Also, I'm sure the meshes of Chaconne need to be updated but I'm not gonna upload them because a quick google search will tell you how to do it, plus there's quite a few options on Chaconne's page and I don't feel like messing with it lol.  I didn't update them in my game and everything appears to be fine on my end.  Now, download your choice of Chaconne Follower here:


...then install via NNM or your mod manager of choice.  Next, install "my" mod.  Then uncheck/disable the Chaconne.esp in your load order as all you need is the resources.  That's it, good to go

rxkx22 for bringing the lovely Chaconne follower to us
Emma for bringing us the wonderful Vilja into Skyrim
deane9850 for putting in the actual work to bring this mod together