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A Minor Name Change and home "Upgrade" for our eccentric preacher.

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My Very First Location Mod!

There's always been something... off, about Heimskr. His ranting and shouting reaches a level even Ulfric Stormcloak couldn't match, and if you ever took a trip to his home, its littered with human remains! Why is this man with no backstory so strange?

Well, this is the first is a series of mods detailing the legend of Heimskr.

What you will experience:

A new title for Heimskr that reflects his preaching

Added backstory to give Heimskr more motivation and an explanation to his choice in home decor

A complete makeover to Heimskr's home, showing his true allegiances.


Serving of Surnames: Fully compatible out of the box. In fact, Heimskr's title from this mod inspired SoS.

Mods that Alter NPC records: Slightly Incompatible without patches: Heimskr's name will conflict with NPC overhauls.

Not compatible with any mod that alters Heimskr's home in a considerable way.