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I recently installed the Midwood Isle mod and its patch for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma. However, it turns out there's a problem with the patch: it doesn't work. See below

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Quoting another user, jp1224:
10 May 2024, 4:19PMThis is not how you fix a patch! This "fixed" patch has a duplicate master that throws errors.

You can easily do this properly yourself.
1. Load the 'Midwood Isle BS Bruma Patch.esp' in Wrye Bash, it will be red as it is missing a master. Right click it and click "Create Dummy masters". This will create an empty plugin for 'BSHeartland - Meshes.esp'.
2. Close out of Wrye Bash and activate the dummy master.
3. Open up SSEEdit, right click to select none, and check only the 'Midwood Isle BS Bruma Patch.esp'. This will load all the masters for it.
4. Once SSEEdit is done loading, right click the 'Midwood Isle BS Bruma Patch.esp' and select "clean masters". This removes any unnecessary masters that may have been added to the plugin, which are not being referenced.
5. Close out of SSEEdit, saving the changed plugin. You may now delete the 'BSHeartland - Meshes.esp' dummy plugin.
6. Profit.

Well, this worked, and Vortex stopped bugging me about a missing file that I don't actually need. I thought I would then take the extra step and just upload the file here.

Please feel free to post questions about this patch, but honestly the only thing I did was follow the step-by-step instructions above and then upload the resulting file to this page. If you have any serious questions about functionality being missing or whatnot then you missed one of the steps above. If you didn't, then go to the other "patch fix's" mod page, find the relevant comment, and ask about it there: