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Play "hide" and "Wallcornerpeek" animations everywhere using DKAF.

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This mod just allows to play "Hide" and "Wallcornerpeek" animations using DKAF.
If you need change the keys used, please change the decimal numbers in the "Keys" and "GamepadKeys" lines of the file below.

SKSE\Plugins\DKAF\Hide & Wallcornerpeek.json

Ver 1.1: Added buffs (no visual effects) during animation. Payload Interpreter is required to use them.
Effect: Sneak Skill +30 / Movement Noise Mult = 0.5 / Detection Light *0.4 

Known issues:
- Please use only from 3rd person perspective. In the first-person perspective, you will be able to move and behave strangely.
- During the Loop Animation of "Wallcornerpeek" (peeking), it is not possible to temporarily end the animation.
- To avoid bugs, animations cannot be played while the weapon is drawn.
- To avoid bugs, the exit animation cannot be played while sneaking (isSneaking = 1.00).

Hide Left / Keyboard: LShift + A(Left Move) Gemepad: Lshoulder + D-pad Left

Hide Right / Keyboard: LShift + D(Right Move) Gemepad: Lshoulder + D-pad Right

Wallcornerpeek Left / Keyboard: LAlt + A(Left Move) Gemepad: A + D-pad Left

´╗┐Wallcornerpeek Right / Keyboard: LAlt + D(Right Move) Gemepad: A + D-pad Right

Exit animation is A or D on the Keyboard, or Left or Right on the D-pad on the Gamepad.
During the animation, it is the same as sitting. (Getsitting = 3.00)