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Brynjolf has a facelift! Fully independent Follower, Marry him, Rides horse, Set Home, Sandbox, all fully vanilla voiced. Also adds Vex as Follower, and changes her, Tonilia, and Sapphire's appearance.

Permissions and credits
  • French

French, by Ruonikenshin

Brynjolf and Vex are made-over and can be Recruited!
This mod also edits appearance of Tonilia (hair) and Sapphire. If you don't want that, remove in SSEEdit. Don't ask me to.

    New faces! Brynjolf and Vex made-over
    Fully voiced, all vanilla voice
    Recruit as Enhanced Followers
    Marry if female (Brynjolf only)
    His own horse, Angus (goes with the whole Scottish persona!). Vex's horse is named Sheiko (from Zelda-Link).
    Default body mesh & texture, and face texture from your setup

"Let's have a chat" after TG03: Dampened Spirits
    Let's talk about your outfit:  Choose between...
- Nightingale (if TG08A: Trinity Restored is completed)
- Farm clothes, randomized no hat
- His regular Thieves armor
- Fine clothes, randomized no hat
    Give him a gift: if you have any drinks, specific books, or daggers
    Helmet toggle:  Auto-unequips helmets when not in combat (default on)
    Ask him to fight with you:  does nothing, just fun lines.  I don't know to actually do that.
    What are you drinking?: Inns, randomized
    What's that smirk for?: option to begins romance, see Romance below.
Brynjolf Gifts Player:
If you take him to your house, he'll give you a weapon, once.

Begin romance after TG03: Dampened Spirits
You can take him to a Player Home and have a drink together :)
Ask about marriage after *completing* TG09: Darkness Returns
Ask again after TGLeadership: Becoming Guildmaster
Go to Temple of Mara to get married.  (New separate quest; vanilla marriage quests were not altered.)
   If you get stuck unable to move at the wrong time/place, cc "coc RiftenTempleofMara"
   Vex, Delvin, Tonilia, and Karliah *should* go to the Temple and be witnesses, so hopefully it happens, if not... then it glitched and I can't help.

Brynjolf can be recruited after TG09: Darkness Returns => return Skeleton Key to the Twilight Sepulchur.
This was done because if recruited the first time you're actually allowed to speak to him after TG03: Dampaned Spirits (most of his topics are by default Blocked due to ongoing Thieves quests), even if you could tell him "Follow me," he would not physically come with you, and if you Fast-Traveled with him he would just start walking away. I examined his AI packages to see what could still be overriding mine, but have not found a solution. Other Brynjolf Follower mods have required Player to complete the questline and seem to work, so I've done the same here.

Vex can be recruited after TGLeadership: Becoming Guildmaster
She has very simple lines, due to very limited vanilla voice lines to work with.

Riding, Walking, Sandboxing, and other AI:
Following:  Completely independent of vanilla framework
Ask them to ride anywhere outdoors (not in City Worldspaces).
They'll ride automatically if Player rides, dismount when Player dismounts.
When they're riding, you can ask them to Walk.
    - Troubleshoot:  If Walk dialogue does not come up, cc "Set AnBrynjolfRideHorseForce to 0" to put him back in "Walk" mode.
    - *Should be fixed in v1.2
Sandboxes in any "safe" spot: Homes, towns, Inns, etc.
Warp-to-Player:  When Following, teleports to you if they falls behind or gets separated.
Call Brynjolf Power:  Similar to Warp, call him to you if he's too slow or gets lost.
    - Only when already an active Follower.
    - This is NOT intended to be your lazy way to bring him to you if he's not already Following.
Set Home:  Take them to any Player home and set them to live there.
Dismiss and send to Inn: For Brynjolf, all vanilla inns are covered. For Vex, only the Ragged Flagon, and Home.
    Depends on Inns' static markers being properly enabled, in place, so any mods you have that alter those, beware.

Vanilla Bug Fixes:
    - Initial Forcegreet: package distance reduced to "0" so he does't grab you until you click on him.
    - When he leads you to meet Mercer Frey, he will "walk fast" instead of walking slow.
    - Fixes Brynjolf's 4 greeting lines that he's too busy to talk.
          *SAME FIX as Brynjolf Always Busy Fix by WhiteFox69* and also done by USEEP.
    - Brynjolf will look at Player when naming you Guildmaster, which is also done by USEEP.
Do you know of any more "Brynjolf Bugs" in the base game?  If I can, I'll incorporate them.  Let me know!

Should be compatible with ANYthing (except other mods that change Brynjolf, of course).
Males of Skyrim (Oldrim) - load AFTER and overwrite, as MoS also edits Brynjolf
Pandorable NPCs, Male - also edits Bryn, decide which you want and load before/after.

UFO/AFT/EFF/NFF:  Works seamlessly alongside these, just ignoring each other.
    - If by chance you ARE able to even use those dialogues on Brynjolf, you shouldn't.
    - It could disrupt Brynjolf's AI. YOUR OWN RISK. NOT SUPPORTED.
    - That said, it's even possible something *I* did could disrupt his AI.
Works with Alternate Start's "Thieves Guild" beginning!
Works with Leave Me Alone Brynjolf by Darklink941
Inspired by Friendly Brynjolf (but likely not compatible) by Llhelahve

Bug Reporting:
Oh no, found a bug?  OK, I need as much detail as possible.  That way I can actually help.
     No details, or too vague, I can't help, it's that simple.

Anna Castiglioni: Basic Follower scripting, dissecting voice files
Shrike: Sandboxing, Riding, other fancy AI stuff
Kalilies and company, KS Hairdos, Unchained, Acid.
Apachii Skyhair: Triss hair (Tonilia)
Eyes of Beauty: bright green
Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr. Dave - No longer used
Fine Textures for Men, by Urshi, used with permission by PM - No longer included, but I use it in my screenshots

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