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"Fantastically Integrated Load-order For You" is a modlist made with the contributions of many different authors, all via The Method. The goal is a fully integrated, balanced, cohesive experience; all while adding an enormous amount of content in a fully modular method.

Permissions and credits
Please take a look at the somewhat comprehensive ReadMe here. You can then install the list by either downloading the latest Stable Branch in the files section and opening it with Wabbajack, or you can install the latest development branch in Wabbajack's Gallery directly. The version on Nexus is likely to be behind the Wabbajack Gallery by a week or so.



  • Rob for their endless support,
  • Elm for their patience with my many edge case issues caused by my load orders size,
  • Ellie for their positive attitude when Rob was being too intense,
  • Raph for their assistance with learning LAND and NAVM editing in the CK, as well as how to properly minimize the conflict surface,
  • Arth for their explanation on how weird things work, like EDIDs and papyrus,
  • Aura for listening to me rant about frustrations and encouraging me to try new things,
  • Jonathan for the scripts that saved me so much pain dealing with masters,
  • Janquel for their super secret secret-ness,
  • Czasior for explaining the oddities of FOMODs,
  • Monops for doing the same as Czasior, to the point that I keep confusing you two in my head,
  • Clearing for their contribution to automating FOMODs,
  • Alaxouche for being my punching bag,
  • ChickenMike for all of the C.R.A.P.
  • Angie for asking me to make various mods multiple times,
  • Blackread for being a wonderful support and pointing out my errors.
  • Lizzy for explaining Wabbajack to me.