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One of the most underwhelming vanilla quests... turned into an epic quest full of player choice. Enjoy!

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~Infiltration - Quest Expansion~

  • Expanded Quest: This mod expands the vanilla quest "Infiltration" while staying true to the source material. 
  • Fully Voiced: With both a new VA and perfectly spliced vanilla lines. 
  • Player agency: Your choices are at the center of this mod. Listen to all sides and make your choice. Or try to save everyone. Or go crazy and kill everyone. The quest has no dead ends.
  • Cut content restoration: The vanilla quest always felt like it was made to be bigger. Stalleo hints that there is more to the story with Brurid that he lets on, and the fort is quite big and contains 2 or 3 bandit CHIEFS, something practically unheard of. It's possible the fort was meant to be tackled as a group (with Stalleo and his men) and now this is possible thanks to this quest.
  • Exploit Fix: In vanilla, most of us activate the lever from outside, completing the quest without even having to go inside the fort. So much for "infiltration" lol. This is now fixed, the player will have to enter the fort and infiltrate the fort from the back door. 
  • Dynamic Comments: If you decide to take Stalleo with you inside the fort, he will warn you about traps, comment on your actions and eventually do a face-off with his archnemesis Brurid.

~S h o w c a s e~

Compatibility and Installing mid-save:

  • If you've started the quest but haven't finished it, you should probably not install the mod until you finish the quest.
  • If you haven't started the quest or if you've already completed the quest, it's safe to install it mid-game. 
  • Mod should be compatible with everything, except mods that directly change this quest or its NPCs. Mods that change the location are probably fine. There are no changes except for moving the lever slightly and blocking access to the lever.
  • Out of the 1500 mods I have installed, Lawless is the only mod that directly edits these NPCs and needed a patch. I've added it in the optional files in case you use this mod too.
  • A couple of you requested patches for a few mods. I don't think there are any other mods that touch this location, so we should be 100% covered lol. The patches section now include ESL flagged plugins for a couple of additional mods.


  • Big thanks to TheOscar0 for working hand-in-hand with me to make this mod come true. We first talked about it 5 months ago and now the mod is here. It turns out Oscar is very talented, won't stop asking questions and learns at the speed of light, so we will most likely be collaborating quite a bit in the future. If you like my style of mods, check Oscar's mods as well. 
  • Big thanks to James Cattle for his performance as Brurid. He brought life into this character with amazing results, high quality audio and timely delivery of the lines. It was a pleasure to work with him and you should consider reaching out to James if you're after a voice actor for your own projects.

〜AzX, Ares, El, Eric, Fatsalaad, Fluffpants,  
Macpherb, Nanoteh, Nick, Nightfallstorm,
Sea Sparrow, Tzephira Ball〜

& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon or via other means
Thank you! Your support means a lot!

ESL flagged?

Safe to install mid-game?
Yes... unless you're in the middle of doing this quest. Then probably not a good idea. If the quest hasn't started or if you've completed the quest, you can install the mod without worries.

Is this a voiced Quest Expansion?
Yes, same as literally all my other mods. In this case, Infiltration Quest Expansion has both perfectly spliced lines and a new VA.

This is cool, but why don't you work on X instead?
I always appreciate mod ideas, but listen, this mod has been in the works since November last year. Give me a break for like a few days before you start blasting new suggestions, or at least be kind when you suggest ideas. I can't stand when some folks are like "you wasted your time doing this when you could've done X" - Urgh, don't be that person. I made this because I wanted to do this mod. I've been complaining about Trevas Watch for like 10 years, and I finally decided to do something about it.

What happens to the fort afterwards if I side with Stalleo?
He (and his bodyguards if they survive) will do different activities around the fort, like chilling, reparing stuff, etc. Unfortunately, this is just for show at the moment, as the fort itself won't change. I could've done something about it, but I'd rather wait for other mod authors to make an addon for this mod down the line... Maybe having the fort repaired as time passes, the family gets a few tombstones, etc. For mod authors: quest stage 100 is what marks Having Stalleo be the new owner of the fort, same as with vanilla.

What are you working on next?


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