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A compatibility patch for Rogue-like Encounters + Sands of Time + Organized Bandits In Skyrim + Advanced Adversary Encounters + Mortal Enemies + SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators + Animal Tweaks + Splendor Dragon Variants + Diverse Dragons Collection + Enhanced Slightly Mighty Dragons. Also includes a patch for Morrowloot and several mods w

A compatibility patch for Rogue-like Encounters + Sands of Time + Organized Bandits In Skyrim + Advanced Adversary Encounters + Mortal Enemies + SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators + Animal Tweaks + Splendor Dragon Variants + Diverse Dragons Collection + Enhanced Slightly Mighty Dragons. Also includes a patch for Morrowloot and several mods which add new items. Note that recent versions of Sands of Time and Rogue-like Encounters appear to be significantly more stable. Don't be afraid to give them another try! Be careful to not use too many other script-heavy mods in conjunction with EOC.

Don't mess around with the silt striders. They enjoy personal space. There's a reason why they are one of the few remaining megafauna and making their way into Skyrim.

Breakdown of how everything is merged

Let's look at the Thalmor Wizard. AAE removes chain lightning, Steadfast ward, fast healing, conjure storm atronach, banish daedra, close wounds, incinerate and thunderbolt. AAE replaces these with firebolt, ice spike, lightning bolt, wall of flames, wall of frost, wall of storms, greater ward, grand healing and paralyze. EqRLE adds wild conjuration and Oakflesh. AAE adds destruction and mage armor perks while eqrle adds perks for alchemy and others. Stat boosts have been merged as well with some discretion. The min/max level is 38/85. EqRLE tend to have priority on level scaling for more difficulty and dynamic range. MLU level scaling is too easy during late game. More details to come.

Version 3.0
  • not yet released* 
  • Where is SKSE?
Version 2.0
  • *not yet released* 
  • The name will change. 
  • Use MXPF to merge spells and some perks from AAE and eqRLE to new npcs added by OBIS, etc. 
  • Merge other stuff with scripts to go beyond a typical compatibility patch.
  • Advertise
Version 1.9.0
  • *not yet released*
  • Extensive testing
  • More documentation
  • Spawn each npc with console commands to verify their capabilities
Version 1.8.2
  • *not yet released*
  • Dragon difficulty options
  • Smoother health offsets for dragons
  • Maybe carry over game settings from revan static skyrim
Version 1.8.1
  • *not yet released*
  • NSO v3 patch
Version 1.8.0
  • *pre-release*  Creating Morrowloot patch for Ultimate Deadly Encounters (SOT) (glass daggers converted to steel and the stats of godly armors are made similar to steel). 
  • Generally adding a layer of balance to SOT. 
  • Release scarcity patch.
  • Revenge of the Enemies integration
  • Disable SOT regeneration from lvl 1 to 15?
Version 1.7d - 1.7f
  • More SOT morrowlootification (stand-alone SOT-Morrowloot patch coming soon)
  • Nerfed more creatures for consistency
  • Added combat settings from Mortal Enemies
  • Added Athletik Combat to recommended
  • Reworked the merging of creature race stats
  • Polished for bigger changes in v1.8
Version 1.7c
  • Actual easier dragons (I messed up the previous hotfix). The gear from a few SOT NPCS including Hell Knights and Mephala Assassins, have been nerfed to sanity. Improved Daedric Artifacts is no longer required.
Version 1.7b
  • Easier Dragons. Umbra no longer carries unbalanced gear. Other small improvements (not enough time to mention right now)
Version 1.7
  • Miscelleneous improvements.
Version 1.6
  • More stable (so far no crashes between two testers). Now it doesn't crash when used with Nexus Skyrim Overhaul, so I consider them somewhat compatible. eqRLE_Combat.esp is removed as a requirement and is linked to causing crashes. The large mudcrab is no longer a god.

Encounter Overhauls Combined (EOC) is a compatibility patch for the following:

Includes optional MLU patch for:

Recommended Mods

Fully Compatible

Somewhat Compatible

Required Load Order
NOTE: No other patches are needed.
  1. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
  2. Mortal Enemies.esp
  3. SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp
  4. Animal Tweaks.esp
  5. AAE Ultimate Edition.esp
  6. OBIS SE.esp
  7. eqRLE_Core.esp
  8. SOTFull.esp
  9. ogSplendorDragons.esp
  10. DiverseDragonsCollecitonSE.esp
  11. ERSO 03 - Soft Slighty Mighty Dragons.esp
  12. Encounter Overhauls Combined.esp
  13. Bashed Patch 0.esp

Extended Load Order (Includes mods related to the MLU patch)
NOTE: No other patches are needed.
  1. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
  2. ValdacilsItemSorting.esp
  3. 1nivWICCloaks.esp
  4. Cloaks.esp
  5. Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
  6. Dr_Bandolier.esp
  7. Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp
  8. Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation
  9. Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp
  10. PrvtI_HeavyArmor.esp
  11. LsramwaysExpandedSkyrimWeaponry.esp
  12. skyforgedWeapons.esp
  13. Lore Weapon Expansion.esp
  14. Lore Weapon Expansion - Daedric Crescent.esp
  15. Lore Weapon Expansion - Goldbrand.esp
  16. Lore Weapon Expansion - Relics of the Crusader.esp
  17. InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack.esp
  18. Unique Uniques.esp
  19. MLU.esp
  20. MLU - Immersive Armors.esp
  21. MLU - Summermyst.esp
  22. Mortal Enemies.esp
  23. SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp
  24. Animal Tweaks.esp
  25. AAE Ultimate Edition.esp
  26. OBIS SE.esp
  27. OBIS Loot SE.esp
  28. eqRLE_Core.esp
  29. SOTFull.esp
  30. ogSplendorDragons.esp
  31. DiverseDragonsCollecitonSE.esp
  32. ERSO 03 - Soft Slighty Mighty Dragons.esp
  33. Encounter Overhauls Combined.esp
  34. Bashed Patch 0.esp
  35. Encounter Overhauls Combined - MLU.esp

Full Recommended Load Order (Includes NSO and EnaiSiaion mods and a few others)

NOTE: No other patches are needed.
  1. TravellersOfSkyrim.esm
  2. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
  3. Scarcity.esp
  4. Scarcity - 2x Loot Rarity.esp
  5. ValdacilsItemSorting.esp
  6. Nexus Skyrim Overhaul.esp
  7. Imperious - Races of Skyrim
  8. NSO Imperious Patch.esp
  9. Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim
  10. 50 More Perk Points.esp
  11. Skyrim Alchemy Fixed.esp
  12. Thief Skills rebalance for Ordinator.esp
  13. Useful Scrapping.esp
  14. Ars Metallica.esp
  15. Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
  16. Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch
  17. magic of the magna-ge.esp
  18. Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp
  19. Thunderchild - Epic Shout Package.esp
  20. Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp
  21. SAF - Summermyst.esp
  22. Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp
  23. 1nivWICCloaks.esp
  24. Cloaks.esp
  25. Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
  26. Dr_Bandolier.esp
  27. Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp
  28. Common Cloths.esp
  29. Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation
  30. Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp
  31. PrvtI_HeavyArmor.esp
  32. LsramwaysExpandedSkyrimWeaponry.esp
  33. skyforgedWeapons.esp
  34. Lore Weapon Expansion.esp
  35. Lore Weapon Expansion - Daedric Crescent.esp
  36. Lore Weapon Expansion - Goldbrand.esp
  37. Lore Weapon Expansion - Relics of the Crusader.esp
  38. InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack.esp
  39. PrvtIRoyalArmory.esp
  40. WZTamrielic Culture.esp
  41. VIS_WZTamrielic Culture.esp
  42. Unique Uniques.esp
  43. MLU.esp
  44. MLU - Immersive Armors.esp
  45. MLU - Summermyst.esp
  46. MLU - Ars Metallica Patch.esp
  47. TravellersOfSkyrim - Vanilla.esp
  48. TravellersOfSkyrim - Dragonborn and Bags and Pouches Addon.esp
  49. Populated Cities Towns Villages Legendary.esp
  50. Mortal Enemies.esp
  51. SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp
  52. Animal Tweaks.esp
  53. AAE Ultimate Edition.esp
  54. OBIS SE.esp
  55. OBIS SE Patrols Addon.esp
  56. OBIS Loot SE.esp
  57. eqRLE_Core.esp
  58. eqRLE_Followers.esp
  59. EqRLE_Thunderchild_Patch.esp
  60. SOTFull.esp
  61. SOTGenesisMod.esp
  62. Genesis Watchtowers Reborn.esp
  63. ogSplendorDragons.esp
  64. DiverseDragonsCollecitonSE.esp
  65. ERSO 03 - Soft Slighty Mighty Dragons.esp
  66. Realistic AI Detection 2 SE - Medium Interior, Medium Exterior.esp
  67. Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
  68. Athletik Combat SSE.esp
  69. Encounter Overhauls Combined.esp
  70. Bashed Patch 0.esp
  71. Encounter Overhauls Combined - MLU.esp
  72. TME.esp


Install everything like normal. Match your load order with one listed above. Create a Bashed Patch and position it above the EOC MLU patches. Rebuild the Bashed Patch.

LOAD Encounter Overhauls Combined - MLU.esp AFTER the bashed patch. Otherwise MLU cannot fully prune the leveled lists.

Extra Installation
  1. Install SSEdit, MXPF and True Realistic Item Weights by DanielUA. 
  2. Open your mod manager and select the whole load list. 
  3. Open SSEdit and make sure that the full load list is pre-selected then select the last file and pick "Apply Script". 
  4. Select the "True Realistic Item Weights Script" then run it. 
  5. Use the same process to patch with True Medieval Economy. 
  6. Shift-select each category of records from TRIW.esp (Armors, Weaponns, etc) then right click and select "deep copy override". 
  7. Override the file named TME.esp. 
  8. Done

Run the VIS Auto-Patcher 
  • Instructions are on the respective nexus page.

Gameplay Notes

Equip the Ring of Danger. Talk to Sandman to activate Ultimate Deadly Encounters(SOT). Reload the save file then talk to Sandman again to set difficulty. I recommend Spartan difficulty. Perhaps use the Ale Drinker Difficulty. Maybe set SOT Genesis spawn settings from 10 to 5. Maybe set Skyrim difficulty to Apprentice at first.

Most of the credit goes to authors of the integrated mods.
Morrowloot patches by by ChocolateNoodle 
Advanced Adversary Patches SSE by SirJesto 
Nexus Skyrim Overhaul Patch Central SSE by SkyLover264 and Kelsenellenelvian 
VIS Auto-Patcher by itsYiyas