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Adds the ability to Summon a Daedric Armor - with unique visuals, lore friendly implementation and maximum compatibility!

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Have you ever been disappointed that you could summon Dremora, Daedric weapons, but a Daedric armor was a no-no? This mod fixes that and adds even more to the game!

This mod adds two new spells to the game: Bound Armor and Bound Armor - Other. The first one will allow you to summon a Daedric Armor for 60 seconds, and the second one will do the same for your allies when you aim at them. Both spells are affected by the Conjuration Master perk. I consider them balanced because they require you to have a fairly high amount of Magicka and they cannot be obtained through normal means. It can be used with your other gear (if you're a mage, for example, you will be able to use it with your robes). 

The bound armor is a full set: boots, helmet, cuirass, gauntlets. They have unique effects: they are transparent and have a slight blue flames effect. A separate spell exists for a bound shield.


To get those spells, you will have to gain access to the Atronach Forge (College of Winterhold) and craft the spell tomes there. The recipe for the tomes can be found in the world just like the vanilla ones; however, here's a spoiler if you don't want to have to find it (highlight the text below):

  • Human Flesh
  • Filled Black Soul Gem

  • Spell Tome: Conjure Dremora Lord
Additionally, the mod adds a new type of Dremora to the game. They can be found wherever you can find normal Dremoras and will use the new spell at the beginning of a fight.
Very rarely, you will find bandits using the Bound Armor spell. It has a 5% chance to happen.
This mod is non intrusive, lore-friendly and implemented as if it was part of the game.

All of this is made by light-weight scripts. This insures a maximum compatibility. This mod is clean and does not modify any vanilla thing.

To install, please use NMM, MO or any other mod manager.

I hope you will enjoy this mod as much as I enjoyed making it!

- Sagittarius22