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Automatically add modded items from YOUR specific mod list to vanilla merchants. Automatically ranks items so they appear at different levels.
Includes Weapons, Armors, Ammo, Spell tomes, Alchemy and Ingredients.

Permissions and credits

This mod is for SE only at this stage.
I will be working on making an LE compatible version soon.
This mod will not be possible, or highly unlikely, to port to Fallout 4.
This is due to FO4 having optional attachments (OMODs) for items that would make
leveling the items extremely complicated.

Welcome to SkyAI

SkyAI is a new mod made specifically for Special Edition.
What does it do?
It adds items from YOUR SPECIFIC MOD LIST and automatically distributes them to the vanilla merchants.
It does this in a leveled fashion, so weaker items will show up early in the game where stronger weapons wont show up until much later.
At the time of release, SkyAI currently handles the following item types:
* Armor
* Weapons
* Ammo
* Spell Tomes
* Alchemy and Ingredients
This gives you a lore-friendly and balanced method of obtaining all your favorite modded items the same way.
Gone are the days of using console commands, or navigating through 6000 crafting recipes in the steel category, 
or just "happening to come across a hidden stash in Riverwood".
Nope, instead, you can travel from shop to shop and buy your gear the old fashioned way.
The mod will sell items in a sensible way, blacksmiths will sell modded items and armors but typically wont stock spell tomes, whereas mages will sell the opposite.
Food and ingredients will be sold by inns and alchemists. 
You get the idea.


This mod uses XEdit to run a script that will automatically patch your game based on your current mod list.
It includes a simple menu to customize your patch so you can choose which mods you wish to include as well as options 
to choose what item types to include.
It DOES require some initial setup, as such, I managed to wrangle up GamerPoets Michael himself to do up
a start to finish installation video.

I've also included some step by step text instructions beneath the video for those that prefer reading.
The installation may seem a little, involved, but I assure you it is very simple, Myself and Michael are just very thorough people.


SkyAI uses a few other programs and resources to work.

SSEEdit - referred to throughout at xEdit.                                                                                                 
MXPF - This is a library of Skyrim related functions that SkyAI will use.                                                      
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - This is necessary as my BASE esp will use some of USSEPs records.
SkyAI - Includes a BASE file and a SCRIPT file.                                                                                           

You will also obviously need some mods that add armor, weapons, spells or ingredients... otherwise, why are you here?


1. Install xEdit by downloading the files from its mod page and extracting the contents to a location of your choice.
xEdit will generally need to be run as administrator, so it may help to right click on the exe and under the "compatibility" tab choose "Always run as administrator".

2. Download MXPF, this is a file made for 32 bit Skyrim (oldrim) but it will work for special edition as well.
Simply extract its contents to the same location you installed xEdit. Make sure the "EDIT SCRIPTS" folder merges with the same folder in xEdit's location.

3. Download USSEP and install with a mod manager of your choice.

4. Download SkyAI_SCRIPT, just as you did with MXPF, extract its contents in to the xEdit location ensuring the "EDIT SCRIPTS" folders merge together.

5. Download SkyAI_BASE, install with a mod manager of your choice.

6. You have now installed all required files. Make sure SkyAI_BASE is enabled and moved to the bottom of your load order.


Now we're down to the brass tax of things.
1. Begin by running xEdit (as admin). A menu will appear showing all your mods. By default, all of yours currently enabled mods will be checked, Leave this as is. Ensure you have enabled SkyAI_BASE.
NOTE: If you have previously run the patch and wish to add more items, make sure the SkyAI_PATCH.esp is also enabled here.
Hit OK.

2. Allow a few minutes for the program to load. In the right window, a message will appear saying [BACKGROUND LOADER] - FINISHED.
In the LEFT hand window, right click on any of the listed mods and choose "APPLY SCRIPT" (not to be confused with apply filter).

3. A menu will appear. Expand the drop down list and navigate to SkyAI_SCRIPT.pas.
DO NOT type anything in to the window or you may mess up the script.
Simply click OK to run the script.

4. You will now be presented with various options for the patch.
The first window will let you choose what record types you want to include in the patch.
Select the item types you want and then click NEW PATCH.
See the NOTES section below for information on ADDING to an existing patch.

5. The next window will display a list of all your plugins again.
This time, only select the mods that you want to include in the patch. By default, the vanilla ESPs should now be excluded from the list.
ONLY select the mods that you want to add items from.
Hit OK.
See notes section below for information on what mods should be included or omitted.

6. The patch will now generate a new plugin based on your selections. You will need to name the new plugin, I recommend using something like SkyAI_PATCH though you can name it anything you want.

7. When the patch has finished running, you will receive a message box displaying the amount of records copied. You will also receive any error warnings if the item limits have been exceeded (again, read the NOTEs section below).

8. You can now close xEdit. A dialogue will appear displaying any modified plugins, be sure to leave your new plugin checked or it will not save.

9. Open up your mod manager of choice and enable the new plugin. It should be sitting just below SkyAI_BASE.esp.
You have now installed SkyAI, enjoy.


1. As with all mods that change merchant inventories, it may take up to 48 hours in game for stock to replenish and changes to be seen.

2. Depending on just how many mods you have added to your game, some items may appear more frequently. This is due to the COUNT of modded items that can appear. If a blacksmith potentially adds 8 randomly picked modded weapons and you only have 4 new weapons added to the game, then you will likely see those weapons very frequently. On the other hand, if you have 700 weapons added and only 8 random ones are being chosen at a time, then trying to find a specific weapon may take some time. I've tried to use numbers that work for everyone.

3. Weapons, Armor and Ammo are all ranked and added by level. Their minimum level has been calculated by using raw data from the modded item compared to vanilla values and their minimum levels. Spell tomes have all been added with a minimum level of 1. This made the script much simpler, and spells have an inherent level restriction anyway since they require a certain amount of magicka and required perks.

4. When selecting which mods to include, I advise against including mods like Immersive Armors.
There is nothing wrong with doing so but these types of mods are already integrated in to the game so its simply redundant.
There is also a limit to how many items can be added (765 Weapons, Armors or Spells and 255 for the rest of the item types).
Including large, redundant mods increases your chances or hitting this limit.

5. SkyAI gives you the option to customize your patch. On the first menu there is an option to "Amend" a patch. 
This option lets you add additional items to your patch without having to start over. It also means you can set different item restrictions each time without affecting the previously added items.
Example: Lets say you have two mods, an armor mod (Tembtra Thief Armor), and lets say Beyond Skyrim Bruma.
You want to add the armors from Tembtra, and you also want to add the food and ingredients from Bruma, but without adding the armors from Bruma.
Simply run the patch for Tembtra first (and any other mods you want to include).
When it is done, you can re-run the patch and this time ONLY choose to include alchemy and ingredients. Choose AMEND instead of NEW PATCH and only select Bruma from you mod list.
This will ADD only ingredient and alchemy records from BRUMA to your previously generated patch.
Example 2: You've already created your patch, and then a new armor mod shows up in hot files that you just have to have.
You don't need to make a whole new patch, just simply load up xEdit again and re run the patch using AMEND.
Only select the new armor mod you want to add though, selecting the other mods again will create duplicate entries and run the risk of hitting the item limit.

6. SkyAI will create dependencies on any mods that you've included in the patch.
This means that you WILL experience crashes if you later uninstall a mod that was included in the patch.
If this happens, simply delete the SkyAI_PATCH.esp from your Skyrim SE data folder.
You will not need to uninstall the SkyAI_BASE.esp.
You will then need to re-run the SkyAI_SCRIPT to generate a new patch.

7. I have employed a number of filters to try and omit items that are not playable or intended for the player. An example of this is any items with the dummy keyword or items that have a non-playable flag. These items will not be added. 
This MAY result in some items not making it in that should be. If this happens, please let me know so I can investigate and improve the filtering.


There shouldn't be many, if any, conflicts with this mod. The only vanilla records that are touched are the CONT (container) records of the vanilla merchants. Generally speaking, most mods that change vendor inventories do so by editing the leveled lists they use and not the container record itself.
If any such mods do come up, please let me know and I'll look at releasing a patch. I am also looking into how to auto patch these records as part of the script to completely avoid ANY conflicts in future.


This mod would not even remotely be possible without MatorTheEternal. Not only did he create the MXPF library that this mod utilizes, he also painstakingly helped me through the whole process. Majority of the script was devised by him, I simply adapted it and molded it to do what I wanted.
Also big shoutout to the team behind SSEEdit. It's an incredibly powerful program and a lot of fun to learn.


v1.0 - Initial upload

v1.1 - Updated spell distribution to allow for more spell records (now allows up to 765 spells to be added over 3 lists)

v1.2 - Modified distribution of ARMO and WEAP records, now allows 765 of each type with more even distribution.
Also added a new list specifically for the Solitude Fletcher and Drunken huntsman to only sell archery related weapons and less armors.

v1.3 - Fixed a bug that resulted in the first item from a mod not being added. Also added in error messages.