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Makes children run up to other NPCs and throw random insults at them, with appropriate responses. ESL flagged and very lightweight.

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A mod to to make children act more like children, by approaching other NPCs and insulting them with childish taunts.

The mod adds a new random scene between a child and another child, or a child and adult, where the child insults the other NPC, the other NPC reacts, then the child responds to the reaction.

There are around 270 lines of dialogue, all made using vanilla assets, no voice cloning has been used in this mod. Each encounter is random with three stages. A random insult, a random reply and a random response to the reply. Sometimes the third stage is non-verbal, so may just be a shrug or similar gesture.

Insults and responses can vary according to the gender, race and faction. For example beggars will get their own particular kind of insults, as will elderly NPCs and the Elf races. Some NPCs will respond differently to a boy or a girl.  Current followers in your party will be excluded from being insulted, as I will be covering followers in another mod.

The scene is set to trigger every five hours in game and will pull a child into the scene providing they're in the same cell as the player. There is also a random element on top of the time cooldown, the default being 70%. In other words, every five hours there's a 70% chance of the insult scene playing (only if there's a child NPC nearby).  You can alter the random chance by adjusting the variable using the console.

EG if you want the chance to be 30%, open the console and type set JB1Brat to 30 - if you want to see the current value, type help JB1Brat

The mod is flagged as ESL so it won't take up a slot in your load order and is a very lightweight mod.

The mod was made with the older creation kit so is compatible with all versions of Skyrim SE/AE.

There's a vanilla bug with new dialogue not firing after installing a mod. If you don't hear any dialogue, just make a save and load it which should fix this if you encounter it.

Install like any other mod using your favourite mod manager. It is safe to install mid-game.

There is an optional feature that adds a keyword to block any NPC you want from being approached, distributed by SPID, making SPID an optional requirement if you want to use this feature. It's as simple as adding their name to the list in the DISTR file. I've added all the current Jarls to the list but you can change this however you want by deleting or adding the NPC's name to the list.

For example if you want to add Ysolda to the list, just open the DISTR file in Notepad or similar and add her name to the list, with a comma before it, like this...

Keyword = JB1CKIgnore|Ulfric Stormcloak,Elisif the Fair,Balgruuf the Greater,Idgrod Ravencrone,Korir,Skald,Siddgeir,Igmund,Laila Law-Giver,Korir,Ysolda

Note that not all NPCs have straightforward names so you may need to look up their name to get the proper way of including it. For example Grelod would be Grelod the Kind.

If you want to remove an NPC that's already on the list, just delete their name.

If you don't use SPID or don't want this feature you can just delete the file called CheekyKids_DISTR.ini or just ignore it.