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Adds some of Vicn Creatures to Solstheim

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  This mod adds some of Vicn´s creatures to the wilderness of 
Solstheim. Outdoors only. In this version, only stricly lore-friendly 
creatures were chosen:

- Ash digger
- Ash Fairie
- Benthic Mili
- Benthic Hunter 
- Ash giant 
- Ash golem
- Frost Anomaly
- Burt Spriggan mistress
- Frost spirit


V. 1.1:

-Fixed the bug that caused ash fairies to attack ash golems
-Added 5 new creatures:
- Ascended  priest
- Ascended Sleeper
- Shoggoth wisp
- Shoggoth Larvae  
- Shoggoth pupae

  I did not mess with any of the game´s levelled list, I just added the 
new creatures manually to the landmss, so this should be compatible 
with any mods that messes with levelled list or vanilla creatures. Of 
course I didn´t overpopulate the island, in order to leave space to 
vanilla monsters, solstheim´s quietness and other modders´stuff. You 
will not find a specific species if you look for it (just like Skyrim 
Monster Mod or Immersive Creatures). You will find it when you are 
looking for something else.

You should report any bug you find.