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Mark (and unmark) items in your inventory as "Junk". Dynamically Transfer or Sell all of your junk instantly with the push of a key! Tired of all that crap in your inventory? FUCK IT! JUNK IT!

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  • Mandarin

Junk It is an inventory management mod which allows you to mark and unmark items as junk using a customizable hotkey. In addition to marking your items as "Junk", Junk It also introduces bulk actions. Transfer or Retrieve all items marked as Junk from containers and followers. You can also instantly sell all junk items in your inventory to merchants with the push of a button!

This mod takes junk management to new heights by using a combination of native SKSE code and Inventory Interface Information Injector to maximize compatibility with any UI overhaul out there. 

Using Junk It will significantly cut down on the amount of time you spend sorting through piles and piles of loot and get back to what really matters... MASS MURDER AND GRAVE ROBBING! 


  • Mark/Unmark items as "Junk" in any menu that has an item list using the "Mark As Junk" configurable hotkey.
  • Junk items will use a special icon and sub type display to make them easier to identify at a glance.
  • Transfer all Junk items to containers or followers using the "Transfer/Sell" hotkey.
  • Easy Junk retrieval from containers or followers using the "Transfer/Sell" hotkey.
  • Bulk sell junk items when bartering with NPCs using the "Transfer/Sell" hotkey.
  • Configurable priority sorting. Control which items are transferred or sold first, configurable in the MCM.
  • Equipped and Favorited items are protected from being Transferred or Sold using the bulk actions.


Optional Requirements

Install using your favorite mod manager or manually extract the contents of the archive to your Skyrim Special Edition Data folder. Please also make sure you also have all of the required mods installed.
Uninstall using your favorite mod manager or manually delete the files from your Skyrim Special Edition Data folder.

Junk-It should be compatible with any mod or UI overhaul. I use the latest EdgeUI and it works great with it. No patches should be needed since all the functionality is done programmatically and i4 handles any icon or labeling.

The SKSE plugin was built using CommonLibSSE NG, it supports Skyrim SE, AE, GOG, and VR.

Known Issues
If you are using Papyrus Tweaks NG and have their experimental bSpeedUpNativeCalls feature enabled you may experience problems with the UI not refreshing after bulk transferring your Junk Items. In order to fix this you will need to edit the ini file for Papyrus Tweaks NG. Simply add JunkIt_MCM to the sScriptClassExclusions list and it should resolve problems around UI refreshes.

If you are still having issues you can enable Aggressive Refresh in the JunkIt MCM in the Maintenance. This setting will forcibly refresh your UI Item list every 5 seconds up to the configurable Max Refresh Time setting. This setting should only be used as a LAST RESORT because refreshing the item list can cause stuttering and lag depending on your computer set up and the size of the item list in the UI.

Mern Approved

Junk It was featured on a top mods Mern video, thanks for the love Mern!
I promise to not kill you the next time I play through the Shadows of the Guild questline :P

Skip ahead to 5:11 for the Junk It spotlight

Mark As Junk by Lilmetal - Both the inspiration and a solid starting point for me to jump off from, thank you for your work!

SKSE Source Code: JunkIt - SKSE - Sorry for the messy code, it's on my list to clean it up and optimize it.