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Inspired by Remove Interior Fog V2 for the orig. Skyrim

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by TheMilesO

  1. Introduction
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Some may remember Remove Interior Fog V2 for the orig. Skyrim. It got rid of all fog in interiors that often made them look a lot brighter than they really were. Unfortunately it hasn't been converted to SE, yet but apparently there is an alternative: no interior fog.

So why should you use this mod?
Darker fog can be considered a middleground between no fog and vanilla vision:
It reduces vanilla Skyrim's washed out / bright look but will still obscure objects farther away.

So to all of you vanilla connoisseurs or people who use lighting mods and despise the way interior fog looks but don't want to completely get rid of it, this mod is for you!

Darkens interior ambient fog by 75% instead of getting rid of it:
  • No more bright blue fog for a darker and less washed out look
  • Still preserves some of the developer's intentions (obscuring objects/lights...)

(Take a look at the screenshots section, it does a better job than any description)

USLEEP changes forwarded where necessary

Simply drag and drop .esp into your Data folder or use a mod manger and activate it either in-game or with said manager.


Compatible with mods that just change lightbulbs like (base) ELFX , RLO and  Relighting Skyrim:
  • Make sure to load Darker Interior Ambient Fog after these mods

Conflicts with any mod editing the same base Cell and lighting template colours (ELFX Enhancer, ELE)

  • More distinctive per cell changes where necessary. (Open for suggestions)
  • Possibly compatibility patches (Please report incompatibilities!)
  • (User added) screenshots with ELFX, RLO or RS installed