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Episode I of III - Bandits from all around Skyrim have been gathering and digging out the once abandoned caves of Shimmerfall Springs, causing local concern. Venture deep into the caves to find what they are seeking and stop the mysterious bandit leader who wields a dangerous power.

Permissions and credits
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~ Episode I of III ~
Bandits from all around Skyrim have been gathering and digging out the once
abandoned caves of Shimmerfall Springs, causing local concern. Venture
deep into the caves to find what they are seeking and stop the mysterious
bandit leader who wields a dangerous power.

  • Explore a medium sized atmospheric dungeon north of Ivarstead with great care put into detail and polish.
  • Fight a custom boss with a unique ability in a fast paced battle that will pose a challenge.
  • Loot special unleveled items and armor, one which gives you a strange power with game changing benefits and surprising consequences.
  • Discover a backstory incorporated in the level that fits into Elder Scrolls lore and world.
  • Balanced gameplay for various character styles, dungeon is designed for levels 25 - 40.
  • Radiant Quest support. (Version 1.1.0)
  • Level changes slightly from your actions upon revisiting. (Version 1.1.0)

  • 2 versions: One for vanilla and one with patches for Dawngaurd & Dragonborn.
  • Cleaned with TES5Edit.
  • Optimized Nav mesh and occlusion culling.
  • This mod uses custom scripts.

  • This mod shouldn't cause issue with any mods except ones that edit the switchback area north of Ivarstead and the mountain valley just south of Guldun Rock.
  • Gameplay mods that affect combat could have effects on the boss battle by making it too hard or too easy.
  • Tested compatible mods: Skyrim Underground (3.6), Enhanced Landscapes (1.2)

  • Make a save before installing in case you need it.
  • Download either the Vanilla version or Dawnguard/Dragonborn version.
  • If manually installing place SolemnKeep.esp and SolemnKeep.bsa in data folder.
  • Load SolemnKeep.esp before gameplay or perk mods. (LOOT tends to put it after them)
  • Recommended: Make a merged patch with Tes5Edit if using gameplay mods or follow the install directions of your gameplay mod if they have different ones.
  • I have custom instructions for updating from old versions, you can find this info in the articles.

  • Because this mod uses scripts, it is generally not recommended to uninstall it because you can't remove the scripts from your save.
  • If you still want to uninstall anyways: Go somewhere away from this mod such as a house interior to make sure nothing this mod uses is loaded.
  • Unequip any items that are made from this mod, especially the horns.
  • Wait 3 hours and then wait another 3 hours. (this helps clean ghost piles)
  • Save your game and keep this save in case you need it.
  • Remove ShimmerfallSprings.esp and ShimmerfallSprings.bsa in data folder.

How do I find the Cave or start the Quest?
Ask the innkeeper in Ivarstead about "any suspicious activity around town" or head straight to the cave and read the note inside.

How come I can't drop the horns?
You won't be able to drop them once picked up because it is marked as a quest item. If you no longer want it in your inventory, you may put it back in the boss' inventory or in the chest in his room. I did this because the item will be important if I choose to extend upon this mod.

I have a bug/problem.
Please first make sure that it is this mod that is the cause of it, also make sure your load order is following my recommendations and the recommendations of other mods you are using.
If you still experience an issue please use the bug report for bugs you found (the more descriptive, the better) or post a comment for misc issues that aren't bugs and I'll get back to you when I can. Thanks!

What are the differences between the Vanilla version and Dawnguard & Dragonborn version?
They are pretty much the same except for fixes for minor bugs that can occur with some of the new spells and abilities introduced in the DLCs.
Please note: I plan to use content from the DLCs in later additions to this mod, so the vanilla version won't be supported forever.

So there is more content planned?
Yes there is more planned, but I can't promise if/when. I want to release the content in "episodes" so each one is complete on its own like this level, but together add to something bigger. This was important to me to prevent overscoping and get early feedback from players so I can improve before making the next parts. This means that you will encounter references or teases to future content because I left hints to expand the world and allow players to speculate on what's to come.
The next episodes are planned to be much larger than this one and not just in scale of the world but depth of the quests and other events.

Boss Armor
CaBaL120 - aMidianBorn Hide of the Savior
Sam04956 - Saviors Pants
(I edited Bethesda's textures for pants, gloves and boots)

Boss Eyes
dumle35 - Skyrim - Glowing Eyes v4

Boss Horns
Th3Mut4nt - Astaroth Horns Redone - Demon Horns (based on mod by KURESE and NPR)

Scripts for the base of NPC Teleport Script

Thank you all for allowing me you use your content in this mod!

Mod Distribution
Please do not re-upload this mod to any other site, this is to most of all respect the wishes of some of the modders listed in the credits.
If you see this mod somewhere else and it isn't linked here then it was uploaded without permission, please let me know if you come across that.

If you would like to make a patch for this mod to work better with another, then feel free, let me know and I'll add a link to the patch on this page.