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Improves vanilla fire spell effects!

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🪔 Additions:

• Improves color gradient and shading.
• Adds refraction/light warping effect.
• Adds new meshes, soft bloom/lens flare, and all sort of particles.
• Gives higher particle count for vanilla ones + minor adjustments.
• Adds ENB Light for players that use ENB.
• Adds string data for HDT-SMP Force Fields.
• Optimization.

This is just meshes replacer, no esl. Should be compatible with anything that doesn't alter the same meshes.

🪔 This mod replaces these effects:

• Flames, Firebolt, Fireball, and Incinerate projectiles.
• Casting hands for generic fire spells, Flame Cloak, and Firestorm
• Generic explosion effect used by Fireball, Fire Rune, etc.
• Fire Cloak effect.
• Inventory art.