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Alchemists now have a complete stock of ingredients and potions for sale. This was done while minimizing imbalance and maintaining vanilla rarity ratios

Permissions and credits
Respectable Inventory: Well-Stocked Alchemists
Alchemical Vendors Actually Have Stuff ... Without Having Way Too Much!! (yunno, like Goldilocks)
Version 1.0.0


My alchemy vendor mod is better, because:
- No changes to vanilla mechanics
- No 'scheme'
- Increased overall amount of each
- Vanilla ratios & rarity maintained

- All potions have been made available at all levels
- Vendors now keep all/most potions in stock at the same time, Multiple of each type


  • Skyrim Special Edition (including Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn by default)
  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch


Tired of walking into a shop to grab a few ingredients, only to find that they're currently out of the item you're looking for ?!?!?
Tired of these wannabe alchemy vendors push their worthless, common ingredients on youTired of always taking a rain check ?!?!?
Tired of being disappointed by the pathetic inventory of potions when you're trying to stock up before a dragon battle ?!?!?
Tired of always having to settle for a rain check ?!?!?

Tired of all this and then some, but don't want vendors with 10,000 of each ingredient ?!?!?!

Well then.. I think I might be able to help you out!

This is a plugin I made for my own personal use many years back and always considered releasing a version of it to the public, but ultimately I was too lazy to do it. Now that SSE has been released, I've found the motivation to do so. So, here it is:
As the name suggests, this is a gameplay mod that alters the amount of stock that alchemical vendors have on hand at any given time. I made this mod because I wanted the alchemists to have a more 'realistic' selection of alchemical goods, while also not going overboard like most/all of the alchemy vendor mods do (i.e. 100 of every single ingredient).

Ingredients: No changes to vanilla mechanics; No 'scheme' -- vanilla ratios & rarity maintained while increasing the overall amount
Potions: Potions have been changed from default... ALL POTIONS available at ALL LEVELS.. if you can afford it!


  • Major alchemical vendors now have a complete selection of alchemy ingredients and potions
  • The vast majority of the time, all alchemy vendors will have at least 1 of each ingredient and potion
  • The maximum number of each ingredient available at a time is generally less than 25 (average quantity is about 15, for common ingredients)
  • There is a high degree of variability, but quanitity stays within the defined min/max that has been set up
  • The vanilla hierarchy is maintained: Common, Uncommon, & Rare ingredients have all retained their respective classifications
  • The relative quantities of ingredients from each classification is:
# of Rare ingredients < # of Uncommon ingredients < # of Common ingredients

Dragonborn/Solstheim Ingredients
  • Currently, all vendors sell ingredients from Dragonborn DLC (i.e. found on Solstheim)
  • This was intentional, because it makes sense that non-Solstheim vendors have access to said ingredients
  • However, in the future I will decrease the quantities of Dragonborn ingredients being sold outside of Solstheim

Unofficial Patches
  •  This mod will always carry forward changes made in USSEP (by Arthmoor)
  •  As such, USSEP is a required master of this mod
  •  An optional variant that is also compatible with Cutting Room Floor will be made available

NOTE: a few of the potion quantities are higher than I would like. They also seem to lack quantity variability. This is a small issue, but something I am aware of and that will be addressed in future updates
NOTE: I am always open to suggestion, within reason. If you have an idea about how to advance the goals of this mod while also maintaining a degree of game balance, feel free to let me know.


10/28/2016 - Initial Release

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