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    Don't post bug reports in the posts section, report them in the bugs section.
    Before reporting any issues you've encountered, ideally remove all other mods whilst troubleshooting them:

    1. If you've downloaded the mod with MO2 or Vortex, redownload and install the mod manually.
    2. Make sure you've downloaded and installed the DLC Integration Patch.
    3. Check that the load order is BSAssets.esm, BSHeartlands.esm, BS_DLC_patch.esp, and any patches after that - LOOT seems to be sorting them incorrectly for some users.
    4. If you have Beyond Reach, an Alternate Start patch, A Quality World Map (or similar), or any translation installed, remove these and see if the issue persists.

    After taking these steps, if the issue continues, please make a post only(!) in the bug report section with the following:

    1. How did you download and install the mod?
    2. Do you have any external mods that may be affecting Bruma? This includes translation patches, patches for other mods, bodyslide presets, or anything editing equipment or visuals within Bruma.

    Common Issues:

    • Generating custom LOD (like DynDOLOD) for the areas outside the accessible zone is not supported - technical limitation for Bruma (Cyrodiil will be fine)
    • Flickering LOD around city Bruma: Inconsistent, but may be fixed by editing shadow-cast settings, reinstalling the mod, or re-running any LOD mods you have.
    • Trying to load new locations just returns you to your current location: If you have the mod "Identity Crisis" installed, either uninstall it or install the Bruma patch for the mod.
    • The terrain appears to be missing and/or character falls through the ground: You've likely left the playable area. Make sure world borders aren't disabled.
    • Applewatch has missing textures or buildings: Uninstall Beyond Reach, or find and download the patch for it. They use an outdated version of some of our assets, leading to a conflict when loaded in-game.

    Getting distant objects and tree LOD like in the screenshot above:

    • In SkyrimPrefs.ini add/edit these settings
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    Update 1.6 is out featuring new custom map markers!
    You might have seen in our showcase updates that we've figured out how to implement entirely new map markers into the game.
    Although there have been recent developments such as CoMAP, the Beyond Skyrim way is not to depend on SKSE for our mods.

    What does that mean for me?
    You just need to download the latest update and everything will work out of the box.
    However, there are some mod conflicts that can occur. Specifically UI mods overwriting specific files will conflict with the implementation of our map markers. While we support SkyUI out of the box, other UI mods may need to develop patches.
    Note that you won't be able to see the new map markers if you unpack SkyUI and let those files overwrite our interface files.

    I'm an SKSE user, what should I do?
    Nothing, unless you have other UI mods than SkyUI installed. In this case install CoMAP and delete the interface folder in BSAssets.

    I'm NOT an SKSE user, what should I do?
    Nothing, unless you have other UI mods than SkyUI installed. In this case you need to check for compatibility patches between Beyond Skyrim and UI mods. If there are none, you have to let one mod overwrite the other. Note that if you let Beyond Skyrim take priority, your UI mod will break in the HUD and map. If you let the UI mod take priority, you'll not be able to see the new map markers. We suggest you install the optional plugin "No Custom Map Markers" in this case.

    Skyrim VR is not supported.
    Note that we currently don't support map markers for Skyrim VR. Install the optional esp to remove the map marker changes and delete the interface folder in BSAssets as well.

    Wouldn't it be easier to just use CoMAP instead?
    Yes and no.
    For SKSE users it is definitely easier just to have the CoMAP integration that is from now on part of the mod, next to our manual map marker implementation through interface files. Those interface files are the ones that can conflict with UI mods other than SkyUI which is why we didn't include the modified interface files in the BSA. This way you can simply delete the interface folder from the mod and no patches for UI mods will be needed for you.
    Non-SKSE users still don't need to go through the process of installing it and depending on SKSE updates with new game updates. They just need to install the latest update and potentially patches for UI mods.

    BSHeartland - Meshes.esp is missing after the update?
    We've been able to remove BSHeartland - Meshes.esp and put everything in BSHeartland - Meshes.bsa into BSHeartland - Textures.bsa. This prevents installation errors and declutters your load orders.
    When loading an existing save game, this will be noted. Just click ok, you won't have any issues with your save game.
    If you have patches that require BSHeartland - Meshes.esp as a master, you will need to clean your patch via xEdit.
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    Really great and detailed MOD! I can't believe they took my friend Adius away, maybe I will have to break him out! LOL

    I am really enjoying this new area, and don't want to complain about something so small, given the scope of this MOD. But something just seems a little off when in the City... There is no "Town Square" ... like where all the citizens hang out in the day... there is one small area with 2 booths, but only one or two NPC's. Riften has it center area over by the Bee and Barb, Whiterun has the shops in front of the Bannered Mare, Markarth even has a market area. In Bruma it seems NPC's just walk around randomly, and never in large groups.. the guards walk around together but eventually split up. It needs a central area.
    Seems like the town could use an overhaul to make it more sociable. Guards don't just go to barracks after they are done, any military base I was ever on, they were down at the tavern getting hammered.... Here is my example... I use Nethers follower framework. I have former followers living in Breezhome, Tundra Homestead and Elysium... 3 houses nearby to Whiterun. At night, they sleep at the house, during the day, they can be found walking around the main street in Whiterun, then at night, they go to the Bannered Mare. The are not followers any more, but you can assign them Home base and schedule...

    Makes it much more immersive when in Whiterun to see familiar faces.

    With all the detail this mod has, I would think adding something like this would be pretty easy.

    I already own White Pine Lodge, but hesitate to move any NPC in. There is no where to "hang out" during the day.
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      Bruma has a market area with 3 stalls.  There's some tables and chairs outside of The Jerall View Inn above the market area that NPCs use.  Many of the NPCs also frequent the Jerall View Inn at specific times of the day, most notably after 6-9 PM especially.  Bruma is a cold snowy city, makes sense for people to walk around a lot.
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    Love the mod ! ! ! 
    (Spoilers in regards to the storyline here, so don't read if you haven't done the mod yet.)
    Played this several times in the Skyrim LE version, so when we came to SSE we obviously added it to the LO.
    Unless it was changed in an update or just in the SSE version I am very dismayed that the captain of the guard was taken by the Thalmor, & nobody in Bruma seems to even acknowledge the loss !!
    He was never removed from the world space in the LE version that I had.
    When we tried to support the captain by fighting the Thalmor to prevent them taking him to prison, after they teleported out of the scene, all of the Bruma guard attacked us as if we were the bad guys.
    What the heck ?!?!?
    I'm hoping someone will ask me to go rescue him, (slaughtering ALL the Thalmor in the process) but since the King, Steward, even the Bruma guard don't even acknowledge his sudden disappearance who would even give me the quest ?
    So now we've lost the captain of the guard, no one knows he gone, who's going to protect the Bruma citizenry by telling us where the "bad guys" are?
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    How do we start this mod?
    Where do we go to get to Bruma?
    1. jaderiver
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      Start by reading the the description what a couple of you tubes there, will give a better idea of whats what n wheres n hows  on something, rather having the answer just handed to you ...
    2. SirCadsimar
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      Pale Pass border gate, or Serpent's Trail.  South of Helgen.
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    I tried playing a few hours and was really enjoying this mod, but I get about one third the framerate than I do in Skyrim and I couldn't do it anymore. Maybe I'll give it another try if I ever upgrade my pc. But the couple quests I did do I really enjoyed and the voice acting is really good. The worldspace also looked very well designed.
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    Any decision and chance we can get vanilla texture paths implemented, so all the textures we replace in Skyrim can be carried over to this mod as well ?.. 

    It help us to keep up a high level of detail across the game worlds and things like the bread (still) can be bready once more.. :)
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    I saw that there's a patch for Alternate Start Live Another Life, if you want to start your game in Bruma, but does anyone know of something similar for Realm of Lorkhan? I used to use ASLAL, but have been using RoL for a little while now and really prefer it.

    If it doesn't exist, does anyone have any recommended start locations that I could get to via console command? With the way RoL works, you can just use a coc command to get to the location you want to start at, but I have no idea which cell IDs would make sense to start at.
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    I was slightly disappointed. I was walking towards the Imperial City and it stops me at the 2 bridges. I was honestly hoping to be able to go there but it is what is is. Mod is still great. :)
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      The project is not complete yet, and they have not announced any ETA so far, so for now, Bruma is the only hold we are able to explore! One day, we'll get to see the rest of Cyrodiil in the Fourth Era, but no clue when! In the meantime, we do have a release year for Skyblivion, in 2025, so only about two years before you can travel to the Imperial City using Skyrim's engine!
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    If you are new here, please make yourself a favor and install this mod. The quality of this mod is extremely high on every aspect. It starts slow, but give it a chance. After a while, you will be surprised by the quality of the quests and the design of everything.
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    not sure if its a bug, or if im just missing something, but only the vanilla(caves and houses) markers are showing up. nothing for the alyiad runis or the city
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    The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil Development Team

    THANKS !