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Who needs an old Iron Warhammer anyway? Adds the option to return Aegisbane to it's rightful owners... Or tell them that you're claiming it as your own.

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  • Mandarin
Return Aegisbane

This mod gives you the option to return Aegisbane back to Clan Shatter-Shield - an option that was suspiciously absent from the base game. With the loss of their daughter, Clan Shatter-Shield have been through enough, right? Or if you're feeling especially evil, you can declare that you'll be keeping it forever!

After killing Alain Dufont as part of the Dark Brotherhood questline, you can reclaim the Warhammer, Aegisbane. Now, the Dragonborn doesn't have much use for an Iron Warhammer, but Clan Shatter-Shield, the original owners of the Warhammer, would certainly appreciate it's return!


  • Fully voiced dialogue using existing lines in the game.
  • The choice to return Aegisbane to Torbjorn Shatter-Shield honorably, for coin, or not at all.
  • A dynamic miscellaneous quest to retrieve Aegisbane given by guard dialogue referencing the warhammer.
  • The consequences of your actions! Torbjorn's relationship with you will change dependent on your choice.

How to Return Aegisbane
This mod has been designed to work dynamically regardless of whether you already have Aegisbane or not.

If you already have Aegisbane:
All you need to do is approach Torbjorn Shatter-Shield with Aegisbane in your inventory, and the dialogue option will be available. Also, if you speak to a guard with Aegisbane in your inventory, they will also direct you to speak to Torbjorn about the warhammer.

If you're yet to retrieve Aegisbane:

The guards in Windhelm will occasionally mention how the Shatter-Shields have lost their family warhammer. This will trigger a miscellaneous quest to retrieve it.
Just go and get it yourself as usual.


Q: Does this mod use AI?
A: No. It uses vanilla dialogue and a little splicing here and there.

Q: Is this compatible with (insert mod here)?
A: It should be compatible with most mods, as it doesn't change anything to base actors or Aegisbane itself. However, if you encounter issues, be sure to let me know!

Q: ESL flagged?
A: It is! Don't say I don't treat you.

Q: Does it require a new game?
A: No it does not! Whether you already have Aegisbane or not, you should be all good!