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An overhaul with many changes to perks, exploration, worship, food, and more. Draw from the power of Aetherius or Oblivion. Also includes an optional Snow Elf add-on.

Permissions and credits

Aetherial Traveller is a Skyrim overhaul aimed at creating a smoother and more interesting adventure. It provides many changes to character customization and growth, loot, food, and more.

See the Read Me section for details on installation, compatibility, credits, permissions, and thanks.

This mod makes a number of major changes to the game. A few basic patches are included in the installer, however.

Other Compatibility Patches

Patches for USSEP and Bruma can be found in the optional files.

These types of mods should be okay out of the box or with minimal setup:

  • Combat overhauls.
  • Character appearance mods, as long as they don't make changes to race forms or specific NPCs.
  • Vampire and werewolf mods. (These will overwrite AT's vampire and werewolf perks. You can disable AT's passive experience gain for these forms in the Options.)
  • Mods that add prettier textures, water, weathers, skies, flora, and wildlife to Skyrim.
  • Mods that add new weapons or armors for crafting. (The vanilla smithing perks are mostly intact, with a few splits between Steel and Imperial, Elven and Chitin, Steel and Bonemold, and Advanced into other perks. Mods that require Advanced Smithing to craft will still work since Advanced Smithing is automatically unlocked upon learning Steel Smithing.)
  • Most new spell and enchantment mods. (See below.)
  • Mods that add new items through leveled lists, but you will need to bash a patch with Wrye Bash.

The following types of mods will likely need patches, or partial incompatibilities will occur.

  • Weather mods that add new aurora weathers. (Nothing bad will happen, but Aetherial Traveller's Aetherial Light perk won't notice when new auroras are visible without a patch.)
  • Mods that alter race forms.
  • Magic and enchantment mods, depending on the effects. (Nothing bad will happen, but some of this mod's perks might not recognize the spells.)
  • Major crafting overhauls.
  • Food mods.
  • Needs mods.

Script incompatibilities will occur in mods that rely on changes to the following, unless a merged script is made:

  • magicsoultrapfxscript
  • wuuthradscript
  • resourcefurniturescript
  • MQ101QuestScript
  • QF_PerksQuest_0005F596
  • PlayerSleepQuestScript

Mods that are also large overhauls might be partially to completely incompatible with Aetherial Traveller.

Better Vampires and the Falmer add-on are incompatible. Partial compatibility might be achievable by installing and loading Better Vampires after the Falmer add-on and allowing Better Vampires to overwrite the scripts. You will later need to use the console to turn into a vampire (AT_FalmerRaceVampire) and back (AT_FalmerRace). According to the author of Better Vampires, you're probably still going to have incompatibilities with Vampire Lords.

For more details on compatibility, please see the Read Me.

Character Customization

  • Rebalanced races. Humans are quite ordinary but receive certain benefits. Elves and beastfolk are a little more magical. Everyone starts with just fifteen points in all skills and no spells.
  • Birth signs. Shortly after your journey begins, you'll be asked to choose your stars. If you gain the blessing of a doomstone that matches your stars, you'll receive a third, greater effect.
  • Starting skill points. Define your character with three points given to you from the start. Are you a budding alchemist? A priest-in-training? A would-be warrior? You can decide that as soon as your hands are unbound.
  • Revisions to all perk trees, from basic skills to lycanthropy and vampirism. Some have been moderately adjusted, a few have had additional perks added, and others have been completely reorganized, combined, or revamped. Combat is more varied, your surroundings can empower your magic, and thieves can more easily escape the law and lose a bounty. It all depends on the perks you choose.

Character Growth and Skills

  • A new item - the Aetherial Shard - can be found on dragons. This mystical item grants a perk point on use and might leave dust behind too. If you don't want it, it might fetch a decent price.
  • Punching your enemies will increase your One-Handed skill, in relation to your base unarmed damage.
  • Magic scales with your skill. Steadily gain stronger elemental magic, more refreshing healing spells, more powerful illusions, better alteration magic, and summons that last longer.
  • Yield to mightier foes and spare defeated enemies. It's as easy as trying to talk to them.
  • Bash locks to break open chests and doors. Or, if you learn the right spell, use magic instead.
  • Purchase or discover smithing books, a new method of learning to create various armor and weapon styles.
  • Clean your animal pelts and polish your jewelry to improve their value.
  • Learn two new alchemy effects – Night-Eye and Fortify Experience.
  • Soul Trap will now force a soul to fill a gem of a matching size. If you don't have the gem you need, you simply won't capture the soul.
  • Transmute Mineral Ore is now Transmute Silver. A single copy of the tome for Transmute Gold exists, but it is jealously guarded.
  • Werewolf and vampire progression without the need for foul deeds. If you abstain from eating hearts or drinking the blood of the living, your perk progress will increase over time.


  • Small epilogues for the Companions, College of Winterhold, Thieves Guild, and destroying the Dark Brotherhood. Some you'll have to discover yourself; others will find you.
  • Consequences for certain Daedric quests. The Divines are no longer ignorant of your deeds, but they can be forgiving if you take the right actions.

The Wilds, Dungeons, and Society

  • Gather more flowers, mushrooms, and eggs, and gather more meat and body parts from creatures.
  • Visit the Lunar Forge at night and imbue your newly created weapons with magic.
  • Improved dungeon loot. Find stashes of treasure plundered from unlucky travelers in bandit lairs, discover more trinkets on draugr, take more spell books from warlocks, see what hoarded wealth and tribute the Dwemer left behind, and more.
  • Food and drinks have new effects. Meat contributes to health, dairy and fruit improve your magicka, and vegetables and grains boost your stamina. Cooked food is much better than raw food, so be sure to stop by a fire or visit an inn once in a while.
  • Innkeepers will sell local specialties, so be sure to take a break from your adventures from time to time.
  • Court wizards and general stores will stock a number of ordinary books for your reading pleasure.
  • Automatic increases and decreases to merchant prices, all depending on your character, friendships, and the local politics. Nords benefit all over Skyrim, but receive no special privilege in Solstheim. Bretons aren't trusted by most people of the Reach. Argonians and Dark Elves are sympathetic to each other in Windhelm. And in Stormcloak holds, prepare to feel Ulfric's new war tax... if you aren't a Nord, that is.

Difficulty Tweaks

  • Your damage output has been increased at higher difficulty levels, for smoother combat. Now you can quickly dispatch enemies in Legendary difficulty, but be warned – they can still do the same to you.

Other Content

  • A handful of new loading screens for your entertainment.
  • A new armor and weapons set exists, if you can find it.
  • Several new unique artifacts are scattered around Skyrim.
  • Several new lore books holding the theories and thoughts of various inhabitants of Tamriel.
  • A few new foods to purchase or cook. (Availability configurable through an Options spell.)

Falmer (Optional)

  • A fully playable Snow Elf race with diverse appearance options.
  • Various characters and guards will properly recognize you as an elf... just not necessarily as a Snow Elf. After all, nobody has seen a living Snow Elf since the Merethic Era.
  • Base game vampirism scripts have been updated so that becoming a vampire or curing yourself will work properly.