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This is a version of the Rudy ENB which was tweaked with ReShade by me.

Permissions and credits

First of all I want to thank rudy102 for allowing me to upload this version of his ENB preset that I matched with ReShade. If you like this preset here, please also support rudy102 as he is the original creator of the Rudy Preset.

What is different to the original Rudy SE ENB Preset?

I simply used ReShade to change the look of the preset. For example there now is a Ambient Lighting shader, Gaussian Blur etc.

How performance heavy is this preset?

As there are not only the ENB settings but also ReShade it is more performance heavy as the original Rudy ENB. Personally I run this preset with a GTX 970 with about 45 FPS exterior (forest). Depending on how many graphical mods you use and which graphics card you have you will either get better FPS or less. Consider this as reference points:

You have lots of graphical mods: 

GTX 970 / R9 390 or higher recommended

You don't have lots of graphical mods:

GTX 960 / R9 380 or higher recommended

Can I use this preset together with the original Rudy ENB?

No, you have to choose which version you like more.

Which mods are required?

You will need Climates of Tamriel and Enhanced Lights and FX (only Enhancer).

How do I install this preset?

1. Download ReShade from here.
2. Run the EXE-File and select your SkyrimSE.exe from your Skyrim Special Edition game folder (".../steamapps/common/skyrim special edition"). Select DirectX10+, click 'Yes', click 'Ok', wait for the download. When it says 'Done' you can close the window.
3. Download the ENB binaries v0.310 from here.
4. Extract the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll within the 'Wrapper' folder to your Skyrim Special Edition game folder (".../steamapps/common/skyrim special edition").
5. Download the ENB preset and extract all files from the archive into your Skyrim Special Edition game folder (".../steamapps/common/skyrim special edition").
6. Go ingame and open the ReShade menu with Shift+F2. Click 'Continue', select the '+' and type in 'rudy.ini' and confirm with Enter. Click on 'Continue' and on 'Finish'.
7. You are done, enjoy!

Credits go to:

Boris Vorontsov
Marty McFly