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This mod makes NPCs react to Frenzy/Fury/Mayhem spells. Enemies will be surprised to see their friends turning against them and will say fitting lines.

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~NPCs React To Frenzy~

Forget about restoration being the least appreciated school of magic. No one gives two sweetrolls about Illusion! But I aim to change that :)

From the creators of "NPCs React To Invisibility", I present to you... NPCs React To Frenzy! (Or Fury, or Mayhem or any similar spells that make NPCs fight each other)


When hit with a frenzy spell, the affected NPC might start hallucinating with lines like:
- "Monsters! Kill them all!"

Or they might go all berserk with rage as they seek for anything nearby to attack:
- "ARGHHHH!!!!"

The fellow NPCs belonging to the same faction will now realize that something is wrong while attacking their friends. They might act surprised, warn their friend to cut it out or think they've been betrayed:
- "IT'S ME! Don't you recognize me?!"
- "
Stop! I'll kill you if I have to!"
- "No! We've been betrayed!"

Quick essential information:
- Flagged ESL. 
- Safe to install mid-game.
- Contains no vanilla edits and no scripts.
- Compatible with everything.

-Video Showcase-

Saturday Night Fever Frenzy

〜AzX, Ares, Eric, Fatsalaad, Fluffpants, Jake,
Jota, Macpherb, Nightfallstorm, Tzephira〜
& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon or via other means
Thank you! Your support means a lot!

But Jay, I never use this spell!
First of all, it's a 7mb mod. Throw it in, you never know when you're going to use the spell or get a weapon with this enchantment, or use a poison with this enchantment. Or maybe an NPC hits another NPC and you get the new dialogues. After all... Why not? 7mb, no performance impact, no possible compatibility issues... it's a no-brainer to throw this in your load order imo.

This is great. But why don't you stop making the mods you want to make, and instead make the mods I, MrEntitledUser99, want to see?
I swear I get this comment within the first hour of releasing a new mod... every time. After weeks of work, instead of celebrating what you just received, there's always someone saying I should've done X instead. It's really annoying. I'm going to have to bring this back.

How many lines does this mod add?
Technically 700, but most of them are reused for different possible interactions, voices and faction combinations, so the real number is way lower... Like maybe 10 or so per voice-type. Most of them are pretty standard but there are some surprises. I like the Argonian who goes "Don't you recognize me? It's me!!!! Stop that!!!"

Is the audio generated with AI?
No. There are a couple of spliced lines, the rest are lines that can be found as they are in vanilla, just used in a different context.

Is this mod compatible with X spell mod?
It should be, provided the MA used the correct magic keywords for the spell. Worst case scenario: the new dialogue won't trigger.

What did you ask for Christmas, Mr. JaySerpa?
For you to use The Gift of Saturalia, goddamn it. I spent an entire month non-stop working on it. It's a lore-friendly, fully voiced quest and it's great. Quests are so under appreciated these days.

It's back up! I've used the time the collection was down (due to the latest Skyrim update) to work on a lot of amazing new features, new creatures, new quests... My favorite: exclusive AE Creation Club content integration. This took me forever but some of the CC mods are now part of bigger quests or even brand new quests. For now this is exclusive to the collection because it's all intertwined with other stuff in the modlist, but I might do a separate release at some point. Also: the collection works with the latest Skyrim exe and it's still a one-click-installation. You don't have to downgrade, install SKSE or anything like that, the collection takes care of all the required steps. Enjoy!

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🗺️ A Dynamic World - 🧙 Roleplaying - 🏹 Immersion - 🎈 Performance Friendly - 🖱️ 1-Click Installation