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This is an AI-based automatic Language Detector made to scan entire mod instances. It is used to find untranslated mods.

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This is an AI-based automatic Language Detector made to scan entire mod instances. It is used to find untranslated mods.
You will be able to scan through your entire mod list and see if there are any leftover mods that are in the wrong language. This will be particularly useful for translators and players who do not play their game with an English text version.
This is done using the the open source library called Lingua which uses NLP machine learning. However, this fully automated process might not always be 100% accurate. 
In order to achieve a more accurate end result in the long term, there is a dictionary function that can be used to add individual strings to a global whitelist. In this way, the selected string is declared in the language used by the user despite incorrect recognition. In most cases, however, it is sufficient to see that a certain percentage is defined as "not translated" in a plugin.

- Extract the downloaded archive somewhere on your PC
- Add the "SSE-LD.exe" as tool in your favored mod manager (Do not use NMM)
- Setup your desired language on the top
- Skyrim Data-folder and path to loadorder.txt should be detected automatically.
- Hit the "Run"-button

You will be able to take a closer look at the found strings by right-clicking a plugin and hitting "Open string preview" or by double clicking on the "Untranslated Strings" column.
In the String Preview Dialog you are able to add strings or EDIDs (Editor IDs) to "dictionary" which is practically an ignore-list by right-clicking on them.

- Fully automatic scan
- Bethesda Plugins (ESM, ESP, ESL)
- MCM files (TXT)
- Bethesda Archives (BSA)
- (Highly experimental!) Script files (PEX)

Known Issues
- Script decompilation almost always fails, reason unknown because Champollion does not return an error message (error found, should be fixed now)

1. Feedback (Suggestions/Issues)
If you encountered an issue/error, create a bug report and send the full log via pastebin. And if you have a suggestion to improve or add something: tell me!

2. Code contributions
Check out the GitHub repository

3. Dictionary sharing
You are free to share your personal Dictionary found in the executable's folder ("\SSE-LD\assets\dictionary.json")  as soon as you add something to it.

My other Stuff

- Qt (GUI Framework) by The Qt Company Ltd.
- lingua-py (Language Detector) by Peter M. Stahl
- Champollion (PEX Decompiler) by Orvid
- McGuffin, (Creator of xTranslator) who helped at filtering PEX-Files a bit better
- very great icon by Wuerfelhusten