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This is a tool for migrating modding instances between various mod managers.

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This is a tool for migrating modding instances between various mod managers. Originally I planned to create a tool for myself to import Vortex Collections into Mod Organizer 2. While developing, I came up with the idea to expand it to a general migration tool for mod instances.


I take no responsibility for any problems that may occur. 

Main features:
- Fully automated migration
- Fully customizable new instance
- Hardlink and copy method

Supported Games:
- Skyrim/Skyrim SE
- Enderal/Enderal SE
- Fallout 4

Supported Mod Managers:

- Vortex
- Mod Organizer 2

Planned Games:
- Morrowind
- Oblivion
- Nehrim
- Fallout 3
- Fallout New Vegas
- You (the community) decide, feel free to suggest

Planned Mod Managers:
- Nexus Mod Manager Community Edition
- Feel free to suggest

Known Issues:
- Cannot migrate from Vortex if it is used in "Shared" mode (Vortex > Settings > Vortex)
- Some Windows Defender versions detect MMM as malware and delete the executable (for further instructions, read bug report "Virus - False positive")


To migrate an instance follow these steps:
1. Click on "Add source", select your source and click on "Next".
2. Select the instance you want to migrate and click on "Done".
3. Click on "Add destination", select your destination and click on "Next".
4. Set paths as you like it and click on "Done".
5. Click on "Migrate" and wait for it to finish.

1. Translations
Create your translation for your desired language from en-US.json under <Path to MMM>/data/locales and give it a proper name: for example: "en-US.json" or "de-DE.json". Put it in the locales folder and make a pull request.

2. Feedback (Suggestions/Issues)

If you encountered an issue/error, tell me and send me the error message. And if you have a suggestion to improve or add something: tell me!

3. Code contributions
Check out the GitHub repository for instructions.

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- Code by Cutleast (NexusMods | GitHub)
- Icon and Design by Wuerfelhusten
- Qt by The Qt Company Ltd
- FontAwesome Icons by FontAwesome