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Rextextures all of Skyrim's blacksmith signs based on real life HD photographs.

Also fixes a problem with the vanilla texture where it was unoptimized to fit the 3D sign model.

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HD Blacksmith Signs

Current Version: 1.0

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• Now includes mip maps (for less vram use and less artifacts)
• Now includes an upscaled normal map file (for better quality)
 DXT5 compression (a lot smaller file size with no quality loss)
• Texture changed from dark metal color to lore-friendly brownish color (like vanilla texture)


This mod retextures the low res vanilla 1k blacksmith signs with hand made 2k resolution textures, which are based on real life photographs. The material style is in tune with the vanilla art, but instead of the old rusty orange pixels, the new texture is more of a smart brushed wood/iron texture. Lastly, the new HD texture has been optimized to fit the model, which was not the case with the vanilla texture (check the Images section).


• HD 2k textures based on real life photographs of brushed metal alloy.
• HD texture gives a much smoother and deeper impression of the sign's 3D model.
• HD texture has been optimized to fit the sign's 3D model, unlike the vanilla texture.
• Weathering and general wear and tear on the paintwork and metalwork, for added realism.
• Affects all blacksmith signs in Skyrim (the blacksmiths I have seen in testing are in Markarth, Whiterun, Windhelm, Solitude, Riften, Riverwood, Dawnstar and Falkreath).
• Texture only, no .esp.


Use NMM or if installing manually just drop the 'textures' folder into your Skyrim 'Data' folder. Plug and play!


• No assets from other mod authors are used in this mod, as the textures are all made from scratch, using real life photographs.

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