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A unisex low-fantasy equipment set to suit stealthy adventurers while staying prepared for a fight.

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The Illusive Infiltrator
by Everglaid

Inspired by the not-too-over-the-top fantasy designs in Dragon's Dogma, the Illusive Infiltrator is a set of cloth, leather and plate equipment.

  • 2 leather~elven tier light armor sets (torso, bracers, boots)
    • Infiltrator Set - Brown leather, dull blue & brown cloth, steel plate
    • Illusive Infiltrator - Off-black dark leather and cloth, darker steel plate
  • 1 extra accessory in both colour swaps
    • Infiltrator Backpack
  • Nearly identical unisex outfits
  • ESL-flagged .esp

Armor can be crafted under the Steel category at a forge.
Nothing! The download on its own will fit vanilla bodies.
(Optional) Bodyslide, supports CBBE 3BA and HIMBO

Please use a mod manager.
Build outfits in Bodyslide if using other body mods.
Feel free to install the mod mid-save, but uninstalling mid-save is not recommended.

Other Details
Base texture download: Everything is 2K. Textures have varying types of compression.
Maximum quality: Everything is 4K BC7.
This also uses the vanilla steel environment maps.

my second full outfit! i wanted to add steel plate to the hinterland ranger, but it was a bit overwhelming, so i tackled it here!
unlike that armor set, this one has solidified meshes (thickness, rather than being paper thin) and is a bit better with UV space.
i'm quite happy with it, though i do think it's a bit simple looking. not sure what i'll do next. i have a quest mod in mind! :D