Penitus Oculatas Hostile when provoked-crimes by TheGreatBhan
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Added: 19/06/2017 - 06:38PM
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Last updated at 18:38, 19 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 18:38, 19 Jun 2017

Makes the penitus agents hostile only when attacked, provoked, or crimes against legion. They will still attack on the quest when you attack them on the ship. 

Using the agents/named agents as followers can be problematic when they start attacking NPCs associated with the player due to the enemy stance, this fixes that.

This will give you the chance to explore the ship too if you have a mod with it docked in port or use console commands to explore the ship.

Unknown if the dark brotherhood will be hostile to you when you join the legion, so just incase i suggest using this if you are playing against the legion or before you join the legion. If someone can find out for me if they are not hostile when joining the legion that would be great as i'm way past that stage with the DB Destroyed.

This mod is mainly for resource purposes so the agents can be used as followers without hassle with player alligned NPCs which is mostly everyone, if you are going against the dark brotherhood, currently, i have all the agents from the ship. Maro, gaius maro, arctus , salvrus as followers with EFF as i was doing a run through as an imperial and was putting together an army of imperials consisting of the agents, the emperor himself, tullius and all imperial legates and a handful of imperial soldiers, captains, mages, wizard, torturer and assistant. So if your a die-hard loyal imperial and  like to experiment around like I do then this is the mod for you. My best moment with my imperial army has to be clearing the falmer caves in dawnguard and fighting the dragons on the ice, only time everyone was in combat mostly.  I had to use console commands to make the emperor not die in one hit, setting his health to something like 500-1000-2000 , his confidence high, and i gave him a steel greatsword of binding.