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The wearable Elden Ring Lantern. 4+1 colors

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  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • French

❤️Special thanks to Ben (@QwibQwibMods)

Elden Lanterns from the Lands Between

Lanterns will be distributed to NPCs with SPID. 4 in one:
  • Orange (default)
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • White (extra)


  • Fixed the invisible issues for male characters. Thanks for the feedback
  • (This could be the last update unless there are serious issues)

  • Reduce the spawn rate to 5%-10% in SPID, including Guards(5%)
  • 1 Lantern only: Ysolda,CarlottaValentia and Irileth: They will only have 1 Lantern, with different colors
  • Better glow maps
  • White Lantern has it's own ground .nif
  • Changed body slot to #60 for better compatibility (was #49)

v1.0.0 Initial release

  • (Recommended) Install with your prefered mod manager. (I'm using Vortex)
  • Or mannually extract this mod's files to Skyrim [Data] folder. 
  • Make sure this mod's .esp plugin is enabled in your mod manager.


Craft In-game:

Gives Ysolda a Blue Lantern: 100%
Gives Carlotta Valentia a Green Lantern: 100%
NPCs: default 10%, Guards 5%  (chance)

All Lanterns will be distributed to NPCs since SPID config file is included (EldenLantern_DISTR.ini in your Skyrim - Data folder)

Lanterns are added to NPC inventory, not equiped as an armor/outfit (But sometimes followers or a few NPCs will equip them, not sure why)


  • For almost a year...I finally found the Lantern ID in Elden Ring, it took so much time to fetch the meshes and textures. We thought it's vfx only...but I got it after unpack and unpack...and unpack...Elden Lantern is hiden no more.

Contact me @TalesOfStar:

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