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Simple Methode to get Items from Mods only need SKSE

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V1.3 + Has MCM to add Spell or configure a Keystroge. Also can Open the Modlist directly (Will show up after leafing all Menus). Also you can configure, if you want multiple Copys of items.
It is a light weight mod to get all items from a Mod. Only needs
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) and SkyUI. 

Simply cast the Spell [Mod Item Collector]/ use the Configured Key/ or simly press the Option in the MCM(Close the Menu after clicking the Option "Open the Mod Overview"). It will open a container with all your Mods as Miscitems. Loot the item with the modname. Depending on the Mod you choosen it might take a few seconds before the Container opens again with the items from the Mod.

V1.3 MCM for all your needs:

Except your adding the Spell via Console. Works with SE / AE and VR.

Comands for that:
help "Mod Item"
Player.addspell FExxxBF1

the xxx could be anything depending on your Loadorder.

  • Hoppfully fixed a issue for some people who don't get the mod to work right.

  • Also added a new Search page in the MCM and some options for that function. You can search throw a specific plugin or throw multibles in a row, but you have to choose the indexes of the mods in the first MCM page. it takes a long time but you can leave the menu and play normaly while it searches for you and come back later. The items it found will be on the Searchpage there you can click on the items you want and as soon as you close the menu you get the container with all the items you clicked. You might want to empty out the container first so you get only the new coosen items.

  • if you update to that version and want to play arround with that searchfunction you have to click the fix MCM pages options under fixes

Special Thanks to these amazing Modders:
Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, Paul Connelly, and Brendan Borthwick (ianpatt, behippo, scruggsywuggsy the ferret, and purple lunchbox for Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)
schlangster for SkyUI 

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