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Adds music from Witcher 3.

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Are you tired of the same music all the time? Do you want something new, never before heard in Skyrim? Then this mod is for you.
It adds music from Witcher 3. The OST contains 35 songs, so I had plenty to choose from. I have put the songs where I thought
they would fit, mind you, there are going to be repetetive songs in different areas. I have replaced all music for exploration,
combat, taverns, and towns. It is mostly the exploration part that has repetition, as not all songs fit into that category.

There is an optional version for Peronalized Music, and that mod is as such, a requirment. Pick either esp, I reccomend the all replacer
as that weeds out any vanilla music. Find the mod here:

To install. Simply copy and paste the data folder inside your Skyrim main folder.
To uninstall, simply delete the files.

All credits naturally goes to CD Projekt Red for making such an awesome game, and franchise.
And TheDevil5600 for making the music compatible with Peronalized Music mod.

Hope you will enjoy this mod, and of course, the music.