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--- As per the sticky in the discussion thread, this is paused while I fix some conversion issues. Please stand by. ---

Full Release!

After extensive beta testing, Version 1.0 of Organic Factions has been released!

Organic Factions are groups which can level up, expand territory,secure resources, and be slain completely independent of the player. This makes the game world feel more diverse and alive, and can offer up a whole new set of challenges for the player. Which leaders should you trust? Which underlings might eventually climb the ranks and pose a threat, or become allies? For more info, check out the video below:


Demo Organic Faction
The first new Organic Faction is located in and around Deepwood Vale (near Solitude). They will eventually gain power and obtain potions from an Alchemist in Druadach Redoubt on Mondays, and visit Blind Cliff Cave on Wednesdays to pick up some well-armored troops. Four of the leaders are unique individuals which will not respawn when slain, either by the player or randomly in the background. Once these are all gone, the Hagravens will nominate a BriarHeart Warrior to take command of the region. If he is slain, another will eventually be nominated to take his place.

Organic Faction Extension
A new "extension" has been built in "Classic", and will soon be released for SSE.

  • Independent leveling of NPCs: Both leaders and minions level up independent of the player.
  • Leaders will have their own unique spells and abilities, many of which will increase in power as they level up. These include use of the [SSE Enhanced AI Framework].
  • As the leaders level up, they will start to gain a following. These individuals will have their own skills and combat roles.
  • Once the leaders achieve a certain level of power (levels and followers), they will venture forth on certain days to support and broker alliances with other allies in the area.
  • Each leader can have one or more favored sub-groups of followers, which will be given special treatment so long as their leader is alive. This can include access to better resources, equipment, and training.
  • Resource Providers: Alchemists, armorers, etc. can be wooed into supporting an Organic Faction. These Actors will create resources (potions, armor, etc.) which will be shared among Faction members. The player can intercept these goods, depriving the Faction of their benefits while profiting off of their labor.
  • MOBA-style "jungle" locations / "camps" which the enemy can capture to gain more support troops. The player can observe these troops and take them out before they join the main group.
  • Organic Factions can establish patrols which prevent the player from Fast Traveling directly into their strongholds. Once the Organic Faction has been beaten back, Fast Travel will once again become available.
  • Documentation has been released, but is "on pause" while I build out the "Organic Factions Extension".

Upcoming Features
  • Automatic Conflict Resolution: When one or more Organic Factions occupy the same area, an efficient combat resolution system will run to
  • resolve the conflict. This will happen in the background, without the need for player participation (though they can stumble upon these fights and participate).

Upcoming Releases
I plan on releasing an "expansion pack", which will be a fully decked-out Organic Faction. This will include leaders whose levels hit
the 90-110 range, a cascade of new followers, and a new [enhanced location for epic combat].

None of the components of my mods rely on SKSE -- therefore, they will be compiled and released on SSE shortly. Please stay tuned.


This mod ONLY applies AI and Actor changes to the specific Actors in and around Deepwood Redoubt & Vale -- it does NOT alter AI elsewhere in the game. If anything, other AI overhauls have a chance of impacting the AI used in this mod.

The following mods have proven to be incompatible with Organic Factions:
  • The Daedric Menace: Incorrectly deletes and respawns Actors, causing a huge number of duplicates in every area.

Organic Factions has been saved as a Master File, so that users can look at the guts of how they work, and eventually create their own. As
per above, documentation will be provided in the future. Users may use these
materials if and only if they:
1. Give full credit for these underlying components in their main mod description, and provide a link to the Organic Factions mod page on the
Nexus (and eventually Steam, if applicable).
2. Share the source code for any new features they design that reference any piece of this material.
If subsequent modders use or reference any code provided by prior contributors, they must also credit and link the prior contributors as
cited above, and similarly share their source code.

Long Term Goals


YouTube Channel on AI: