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My implementation of Organic Factions in Skyrim.

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Version 1.031 of the SSE Organic Factions Extension has been released.

This is the my personal set of Organic Factions which I have built in Skyrim. For information on "what an Organic Faction IS", see the [main SSE Framework page]. This mod contains several unique enemies and weapons / armor / items.

External Imgur gallery [here].

Quick video summary:

Many players have experienced the haunting beauty of [Bthardamz] as part of [The Only Cure] Daedric Quest. One major point of frustration is that players can't gain entrance to this level until they jump through several hoops to advance the related Quest. To rectify this problem, the exterior barrier has been disabled, and a new on has been created just before the final boss.

Enemies in the first zone within Bthardamz have been granted an augmented squad AI. In addition, two new bosses have been added to the level -- the first is the Plague Doctor, who uses area affect spells to accelerate the Afflicted disease in his allies. Not only does this slowly heal them and make them slightly faster, it also causes a rabid frenzy in the targets of their vomit spray. The player won't lose control, but will "see red" as they fight against the urge to mindlessly kill.

While this reckless use of the Blessing of Peryite can grant some short-term gains, it can also overwhelm the bodies of those affected. If grievously wounded, the blessing may simply cause them to explode in a shower of feculence. The same can happen from a fatal blow when their bodies are flush with the disease.

The second mini-boss is an Afflicted Hulk. The disease has accelerated her growth beyond normal human bounds -- though she packs a punch, she is also slower on her feet. Once wounded below half health, her battle fever explodes in bouts of rage -- not only will she gain a burst of speed, but even her light punches will send targets staggering. Only the strongest of warriors can shrug them off and avoid the crushing uppercut that follows.

Arcwind Point
The first Death Knight has been installed in the tower beyond the long staircase.While he carries a sword of Absorb Health at his side, his favored weapon is a Bound Blade, augmented by his mysterious cursed ring. This grants all Bound weapons the power of Necrotic Damage, which will slowly destroy the life force within the target. Victims of the Death Knight may laugh off the slight sting from his sword, only to find their body later crumbling as the lethal effects build within them.

The Death Knight may summon a fast-moving Loathsome Spirit to provide ranged support. Lastly, the Death Knight is adept in the arts of necromancy, and can raise the dead to fight at their side; unlike most necromancers, the unholy power of the Death Knight prevents his raised targets from disintegrating -- so long as bodies lie nearby, he can raise them over and over again to fight on his behest.

Lastly, killing a Death Knight is harder than one might imagine. Only those that have faced them know what this warning truly means.

If the player proves victorious, then the ring and remaining gear are theirs. Those that equip the ring will find that bound weapons will start with a bonus of 4 damage for 6 seconds -- but this stacks with Perks like Necromancy and NecroMage for a maximum of 5 damage for 18 seconds. But beware! The life-draining power of the ring lowers the health of its wearer by 50 points.

Deepwood Redoubt Catacombs
Long-forgotten corridors deep within Deepwood Redoubt have been opened by the Forsworn. Though the dead remain sleeping, who knows what may emerge as they keep digging? Stay tuned for future releases!

The First Dragonborn Faction
The first Dragonborn Faction has emerged! The player must complete the quest [Dragon Rising], where their identity as the Dragonborn is first revealed. Word will spread, and soon new followers will worship Talos at the [Weynon Stones] at the end of the week -- the player can greet them there and ask them to join. Each follower will have a limited amount of days per week that they can help the player, after which they will return to their normal duties.

These followers will level on their own, and gain power and abilities as they do so. They will all start at level 20, and randomly advance roughly 10 levels per in-game week, reaching maximum power at level 90. Note that these followers cannot level while accompanying the player, so the player must choose between extra allies and letting them gain power. Followers will carry a handful of limited-use items, like Scrolls. Once used, the follower must return to their normal duties to replenish their stock.

Followers also have individual conditions that impact their ability to serve. For example, if Mishka (the bear) is killed, then Jenhrum can spare less time for questing. If the player is a vampire, the Crusader will sense the taint of undeath; if you say you want to repent, he will help you for a short while -- but if you say you're out to conquer the world, he won't help at all.

Note that two of the three members -- Jenhrum and Mishka -- are unique individuals, and will "stay dead" if killed. The Crusader will respawn after at least 25 days, as another Vigilant of Stendarr will come to take their place. If respawned, the Crusader will start again at Level 20.

Since this is the first Dragonborn Organic Faction, I need feedback as I build out the rest. Suggestions on characters and abilities are welcome in the Posts section!

The Lost Valley with Multiple Leaders
A large Organic Faction is located in and around the Lost Valley, between Markarth and Falkreath. For the full list of features, please see the notes file.

If the starting Forsworn Barbarian leader is killed, a Sorceress leader will take over in ~10-30 days. She will have different minions than the Barbarian leader:

  • A Witch Captain at Tier 02, who uses Frenzy and enhanced tactics.
  • Two Hagraven Queens in Cradlestone Tower instead of the Warden of the Umbra.

If the Sorceress is killed, then the system will randomize if the next leader is a Barbarian or Sorceress.

Markarth Siege Sub-Faction
If the Barbarian leader is alive in the Lost Valley, he will train a small strike force to lay siege to Markarth. They will camp outside the city to wait for reinforcements, which will include a Giant, a Mammoth, or both.

When they attack the city, they will kill every guard at the gate, but leave all civilians alone -- the Forsworn want to show they are "liberators", not wanton murderers.

While the small strike team may not be able to push past the gates, the player will have to be extremely careful when approaching Markarth.

Preparation for the Death Knight Organic Faction
In the next installment, I will release a Death Knight Organic Faction based at Arcwind Point. I have made significant modifications to this area -- feel free to check things out and share your thoughts. Be sure to check out the album on [Imgur].

This will tie in to some hidden quests in other areas occupied by the current Organic Factions. Stay tuned!

Civil War
Two new Organic Faction Civil War camps have been added in the Reach. These groups will:

  • Patrol / ambush enemies of their Faction, including the player.
  • Once the war ends, the player can request an escort in the reach. Up to 3 guards will accompany the player until they enter an area officially part of another hold, or the player dismisses them with their commander.
  • Eventually seek to overrun the camp of the opposing Faction. If the Strike Team succeeds in killing the enemy commander, then it will take a long time (25+ days) for a new one to show up.

Life is dangerous in the army; soldiers have a significant % chance to be killed in random encounters while performing their duties, including camp commanders. If a commander is killed, then no new recruits will reinforce the camp -- nor can the player ask for an escort.

Deepwood Vale
There have been modifications to Deepwood Redoubt to further fortify the Organic Faction based in Deepwood Vale.

None of the components of my mods rely on SKSE.


This mod ONLY applies AI and Actor changes to the specific Actors in and around a few key locations -- it does NOT alter AI elsewhere in the game. If anything, other AI overhauls have a chance of impacting the AI used in this mod.

This specific mod edits the contents and navmeshes of several Cells. These edits must take precedence over others in these locations:

  • Deepwood Redoubt and surrounding external areas
  • Lost Valley areas
  • Cradle Stone Tower areas
  • Arcwind Point areas

See full permissions in all underlying mods (EAI Framework and Organic Factions).

Users may use these materials if and only if they:
1. Give full credit for these underlying components in their main mod description, and provide a link to the Organic Factions mod page on the Nexus (and eventually Steam, if applicable).
2. Share the source code for any new features they design that reference any piece of this material.
If subsequent modders use or reference any code provided by prior contributors, they must also credit and link the prior contributors as cited above, and similarly share their source code.

Long Term Goals


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