Weathered Road Signs by Nimbli Bimbli
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Added: 06/12/2011 - 07:01AM
Updated: 15/03/2017 - 06:33AM

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Last updated at 6:33, 15 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 7:01, 6 Dec 2011

The original road sign textures were just too blurry for something the player would see up close. So I decided to make my own. :)

==About the esp file==

Weathered Road Signs.esp contains cell edits to most of the road signs throughout Skyrim. These edits mostly involve making the signs more informative and the surrounding areas a bit more interesting to look at. Some directional errors were fixed as well. The esp also adds a few road signs to places where they would be most useful and make sense. I've already cleaned the esp so there is no need to worry about dirty edits. I've also carried forward edits by the Unofficial Patches.

Within the textures folder is two more folders containing matching sign retextures for ThirteenOrange's excellent Laintar Dale (Link) and Oakwood (Link).
If you don't use either mod you can delete tos_laintardale and tos_oakwood from your data folder, but a better idea would be to just go ahead and grab those two mods because they are quite good. :)


Just to be clear the plugin file is NOT required to use the textures. Say you like my textures but don't care about/need the esp that's perfectly fine. You can also use the esp with other road sign retextures as well if you wish.

Weathered Road Signs.esp will conflict with any mod that alters the size or position of the various road signs throughout Skyrim. If you use ThirteenOrange's Oakwood please use the patch in the optional file section, otherwise you will get clipping and floating signs near Riverwood and Helgen. Weathered Road Signs.esp will conflict quite heavily with Arthmoor's Point the Way mod, however my textures are perfectly compatible. If you know of any
other mod that makes edits to the road signs or see anything unusual please let me know.


Extract contents of ZIP folder to your data folder.
Tick "Weathered Road Signs.esp" in your preferred launcher.
Enjoy! (Not required but strongly recommended).

Note: Make sure Weathered Road Signs.esp is placed after tos_laintardale and tos_oakwood in your load order. Weather Road Signs - CFR.esp should be placed after Cutting Room Floor in your load order.


You can find a German translation here. A big thank you to PRieST47 for his excellent work.

Video made by GamerPoets