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Ivy Shores Manor is a medium-sized, lore-friendly home on the pristine shores of lake Ilinalta in Falkreath Hold. The home features everything an aspiring or experienced adventurer may need.

Permissions and credits

New with Version 2.0

NOTE: If updating from a previous version, BE SURE TO MAKE A CLEAN SAVE! If you do not, it may cause issues such as your horse not spawning in the stable and your children/spouse behaving oddly outdoors.

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions compatibility:
  • You can now move your spouse and two children into Ivy Shores Manor.
        -The house is not ready for your family by default. To make the house compatible, go to the second floor and find the lectern near the big, round window. On the bottom shelf of the lectern you'll see a glass case with a button inside. Open the case and press the button. Now cast the "Bless Home" spell you receive from the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod. You should receive a message in the upper left corner showing 2.000 beds found. If you see this message it means the house is now ready for your family.

NOTE: I would suggest closing the case containing the button once you have converted the house. If you press the button again the house will revert to its default state and, if your family is in the
house at the time, it may screw up their AI.
I would also suggest removing any weapons from the racks in the first floor followers room before converting the room as the weapons may disappear.

        -After you press the button you should find that the followers room on the first floor has been converted into a child's bedroom. You will also find a trap door has appeared in the store room directly across from the children's room. This trap door leads to the new basement and the new followers quarters!

NOTE: Followers will not sandbox into the basement on their own. If you want your followers to spend the night in their own rooms, you'll have to take them down there yourself and tell them to sandbox down there.


Ivy Shores Manor was born from my desire for a simple, lore-friendly player home that was both realistic and functional. So many other player home mods look beautiful and have tons of player conveniences, but don't quite feel like a part of the Skyrim universe. My solution to this was to create a home using only vanilla assets and designed in a way that reflected the aesthetic of the game environment, while still feeling unique.

This is the first mod I've ever made, so any suggestions on how I might improve upon it would be greatly appreciated. Likewise, if you encounter any bugs or glitches, be sure to let me know!

  • Room for two followers
  • Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions compatible
  • A simple, unofficial quest to retrieve the key to the home and learn about its previous owner.
  • Horse Stable (Horse should spawn in the stable when you fast travel to the home). 
  • Outdoor lighting that follows the day/night cycle. 


  • 23-Weapon Racks
  • 9-Weapon Plaques
  • 6- Armor Mannequins
  • 4-Functioning Book Shelves with room for 176 books
  • A handful of functioning display cases
  • Plenty of safe storage (Note there are three exceptions: The urns on the floor near the enchanting table and the sack directly across from the skull on the desk in the enchanting area)

(NOTE: If the mannequins appear off of their stands, simply add or remove an item from their inventory and they should return to their designated spot).


  • Armor Bench
  • Grinding Wheel
  • Forge
  • Smelter
  • Alchemy Stations
  • Enchanting Station
  • 18 Planters (10 indoors/8 outdoors)

Non-Vanilla Features:

  • Bathtub w/ auto-strip function
  • RLO-inspired interior lighting (Mods such as Climates of Tamriel will affect interior lighting. I was using CoT in the screenshots of the RLO version of the mod).
NOTE: A version of the home with vanilla-like lighting is now available. I based the lighting (cell template and light sources), off of the Hearthfire homes. The home now has a very soft, warm feel. :)

This mod should be with compatible with most mods so long as they don't modify the same cell as Ivy Shores Manor, Ilinalta's Deep, or Falkreath.

SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators: This mod does cause a bear to spawn on the back patio. A patch is available in the Optional Files.

Verdant - ASkyrim Grass Plugin: This mod causes grass to clip through the floor of the patio and makes the area around the house look overgrown. I'm not sure how to make a compatibility patch for this.

Enhanced Vanilla Trees SSE: The changes to the trees made by this mod cause some clipping in and around the house.

Recommended Mods:
Multiple Floor Sandboxing (Without this mod, NPCs may not see all markers in the house)

Installation Requirements:
Official Hearthfire DLC
Official Dawnguard DLC
Official Dragonborn DLC

Upcoming Features:
  • Support for Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions
  • Non-RLO lighting option
  • Functioning Horse Stable (Horse will appear in stable when you fast travel to the home)