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Golden Mortal is a legendary katana that was meticulously forged by the skilled artisan Komatsu Masayuki. Upon imbuing it with the essence of his chi, it was bestowed with unrivaled power and prowess.

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  • Mandarin
-More Info About Golden Mortal-
Komatsu Masayuki, whose presence graces the hallowed streets of Whiterun, beckons one's attention. In engaging discourse with him, he imparts a profound desire—an aspiration to find a valiant champion who shall escort him, in the twilight of his years, to the realm of eternity, bedecked in honor. He graciously proclaims that the remuneration for this noble action takes the form of his treasured katana, known as Golden Mortal.

It is incumbent upon me to expound that the task of defeating Komatsu proves to be an arduous undertaking, devoid of cheating. It is with earnest veracity that I say it is possible. I am keenly aware that a significant majority of people will simply use the console to acquire the sword. However, should you harbor an intrepid spirit and embrace the challenge, dare to embark upon the perilous battle and seek to conquer him.

Just a disclaimer, Komatsu does speak in Japanese, because I thought that was fitting. However, the subtitles are in English.