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Fix The Error Vanilla weapon switch movement animation

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Fix The Error Vanilla weapon switch movement animation
This occurs when the player switches weapon types while moving
Fixed all problematic weapon types

                           The wrong type of mobile animation for this bug                                                                        This is after Fix


It is very easy to trigger this bug in the game, just change the weapon type while moving.
The priority level does not affect the effectiveness of the fix and does not interfere with non-vanilla mod animations.
The animation of 'Weapon switch animation Fix' only starts when a bug is triggered, and non original mod animation can quickly overwrite the animation of 'Weapon switch animation Fix'

When players encounter an error, the 'Weapon switch animation Fix' will replace the incorrect animation with the correct vanilla animation for the weapon type
However, players can override vanilla animations through other actions (such as sprints or others)
Every time a weapon switches to trigger a bug, it should not be persistent. It can be easily broken and overwritten by non vanilla animations

         Open Animation Replacer

         at any time

         at any time

         Good compatibility, this only triggers corresponding type actions after switching weapon types
         it utilizes the original animations without breaking any existing animations. It only triggers when the animation type for that weapon is incorrect.